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November Birthstone – Citrine | Meaning, Uses, And Healing Properties

One of November’s birthstones is Citrine, a yellow to an orange gemstone with various meanings and healing properties. Though it’s often associated with wealth and prosperity, Citrine also has a lot to offer in spiritual healing. If you’re looking for a natural way to boost your mood and energy levels, consider wearing or using Citrine for its many benefits.

What Is Citrine?

Citrine, a yellow type of quartz, gets its name from the Old French word for lemon. The warm color is said to come from the sun, making it perfect for adding some brightness during chilly autumn days. Citrine has been used as a decorative gemstone since ancient times.


What is the natural color of Citrine?

Natural Citrine is usually a light yellow color, ranging from pale lemon yellow to deep golden yellow. It can also be found in shades of orange and reddish-brown. Heat-treated amethyst can also yield an intense yellow or orange hue, but this “burnt” Citrine does not have the same metaphysical properties as natural Citrine. Heat-treated Citrine is commonly referred to as “Madeira Citrine” or “Baked Amethyst.”

Physical Properties Of Citrine

The Citrine gemstone is gorgeous because of its several physical properties.

Physical Properties Of Citrine

1. Composition: Citrine is a silicon dioxide mineral of the quartz family.

2. Hardness: Citrine has a hardness of 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, making it quite durable.

3. Specific Gravity: Citrine has a specific gravity of 2.65, which is fairly average for gemstones.

4. Refractive Index: Its refractive index is 1.544 – 1.553, meaning it is relatively easy to cut and shape into the desired design.

5. Thermal Conductivity: Citrine has excellent thermal conductivity, making it the perfect stone to cool down the body and balance out emotions.

6. Cleavage: It has no cleavage, meaning it is very resistant to breakage.

7. Transparency: Citrine has a transparent to translucent clarity, with some pieces being nearly opaque.

8. Streak: Citrine has a white streak.

9. Fracture:  Its fracture is conchoidal.

10. Lustre:  Citrine has a vitreous or glass-like luster.

Metaphysical Healing Properties Of Citrine

In addition to its physical properties, Citrine is also believed to possess a variety of metaphysical healing properties. These include:

Metaphysical Healing Properties Of Citrine

Wealth And Abundance

Citrine is said to attract wealth and abundance, making it a great stone for manifesting and improving finances.

Positive Energy

Citrine is known as a stone of positivity and optimism, bringing joy, playfulness, and lightheartedness into one’s life.

Emotional Balance

It is believed to balance emotions and restore emotional harmony, helping to dispel negative emotions like anger, fear, and frustration.

Mental Clarity

Citrine can help to sharpen the mind and improve concentration, making it great for students or those who need to stay focused on a task.

Spiritual Connections

Citrine is said to be connected to the spiritual realm, opening up the mind and spirit to new possibilities.

Physical Healing

Citrine can help with physical healing, particularly of the digestive and reproductive systems.

Good Luck

Many cultures believe wearing a citrine stone can bring good luck and fortune.

How To Use Citrine?

Citrine can be used in a variety of ways to bring its energies into your life. Here are some ideas on how to use it:

1. Wear it.

The most common way to use Citrine is to wear it as jewelry. It is usually sold in the form of pendants, earrings, or necklaces and can be worn around the neck or on the wrist.

wear Citrine

2. Place it in your home.

Citrine crystals can be placed around the house to bring their energies into the home.

3. Use it in meditation.

Citrine can enhance your meditation practice by helping you go deeper and stay focused on your intention.

Use Citrine in meditation.

4. Put it in water.

Citrine is known to increase the vibration of water, so adding a few pieces of it to your drinking water can help purify and energize it.

5. Carry it in your pocket.

Carrying a piece of Citrine in your pocket or purse can help to keep you focused on your intention and bring good luck and abundance into your life.

6. Use it in a crystal grid.

A crystal grid with a citrine stone at its center can help to amplify its energies and bring about positive change.

Citrine in crystal grid.

7. Use it in rituals.

Citrine is often used in ritual work, particularly for protection, manifestation, and healing.

How To Cleanse Citrine?

It’s important to cleanse Citrine regularly to keep its energies strong and vibrant. There are a few simple ways you can do this:

How To Cleanse Citrine?

1. Smudging

Smudging is the most common way to cleanse crystals, and it involves burning sage or palo santo and wafting the smoke around your Citrine.

2. Soaking

Citrine can be soaked in salt water for up to an hour, then rinsed with cold water and dried with a soft cloth.

3. Moonlight

Citrine can be left overnight on a windowsill to receive the energy of moonlight and absorb its cleansing energies.

4. Reiki

You can also cleanse Citrine with Reiki energy by holding it in your hands and channeling Reiki into it for five minutes or so.

5. Sound

You can also cleanse Citrine with sound by playing music or singing near the stone.

6. Visualization

Finally, you can cleanse Citrine through visualization by visualizing a white light washing over the stone and cleansing it of any negative energies.

The Magical Powers Of Citrine

In addition to its physical and metaphysical properties, Citrine is believed to possess a variety of magical powers. These include:

Magical Powers Of Citrine

• Attracting wealth and abundance.

• Bringing optimism and joy into one’s life.

• Balancing emotions and restoring emotional harmony.

• Sharpening the mind and improving concentration.

• Connecting to the spiritual realm.

• Enhancing physical healing of the digestive and reproductive systems.

• Bringing good luck, fortune, and protection.

• Manifesting desires and dreams.

Citrine is a powerful gemstone that has been used for centuries to bring luck, wealth, and abundance into people’s lives. It can also be used to boost mental clarity, restore emotional harmony, and connect to the spiritual realm. To get the most out of Citrine, it is important to cleanse the stone regularly and use it in combination with other crystals and stones. With its strong vibrations and magical powers, Citrine can be a powerful ally on your journey of spiritual growth and manifestation.

Where should I place my Citrine crystal?

Where to place your Citrine crystal is largely determined by the purpose for which you are using it. Generally, it should be placed somewhere where it will receive direct sunlight or moonlight, such as a windowsill, altar, or nightstand.

Where should I place my Citrine crystal?

It also works well near plants, as its energies can help them grow and thrive. For manifesting abundance and prosperity, it can be placed in the wealth corner of your home or office. For protection and healing, placing the crystal close to you, such as in your pocket or near your bed is best. Lastly, if you are using Citrine for meditation and relaxation, it should be somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed.

Other Citrine Varieties

In addition to the traditional Sardonyx, there are a few other varieties of this stone that you may want to consider. These include:

Golden Citrine

This variety of Citrine is usually yellow or golden and is believed to be the most powerful type when it comes to manifesting wealth and abundance.

Golden Citrine

Lemon Quartz

This variety is a pale yellow to lemon in color and has a soothing energy that helps you relax and stay calm.

Madeira Citrine

This variety is a deep reddish-brown color and carries protective solid vibrations. It can help to ward off negative energy and shield you from harm.

Madeira Citrine

Palmeria Citrine

This variety has a unique greenish-yellow hue and is believed to have powerful healing properties. It can help to relieve stress and promote emotional balance.

Yellow Citrine

This variety is a bright yellow color and is believed to be the most effective when it comes to connecting with the spiritual realm.

Yellow Citrine


Which color of Citrine is the most expensive?

Santa Ana Madeira citrine is an intensely saturated red-orange to red-brown gemstone and is one of the most valuable citrines. Gems with deeply pigmented yellow, orange and reddish tones are typically seen as more precious.

What is the value of darker Citrine?

For Citrine, color is the most valuable factor. This gem can be found in a wide array of colors, from lemon yellow to reddish brown–which is unusual for quartz since yellow stones are rare. In general, the deeper colored stones are worth more than those with lighter tones or red hues.

How can I use Citrine to gain wealth?

Citrine is known to bring wealth, so it’s often placed in the southeast corner of your home or office. You can also put it next to a workstation, on financial documents, or in a cash register. Another great way to use Citrine is to energize vitality and wellness by placing it in the center of your home.


Citrine is a beautiful and unique stone that has many different uses. It is the November birthstone and has a wide range of physical and metaphysical healing properties. Citrine can be used to help heal everything from headaches to anxiety. If you are looking for a new stone to add to your collection, consider Citrine. It is sure to become one of your favorites.


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