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Want To Know Who Is Your Guardian Angel? Your Birth Date Will Name It

Are you curious to find out who your guardian angel is? All you need to do is look up your birth date and discover the name of the angel that watches over you!

Curious about who your guardian angel might be and how to uncover that secret? We have the answer if you’re ready for a surprising journey in this world. All you need is your birth date! Your guardian angel isn’t just an elusive concept – it’s someone natural looking over us all the time.

This simple guide will explain how astrology can help you figure out who your personal guardian angel is and what message they are trying to communicate with you. Get excited; unlocking the mystery of which archangel holds a special bond with your spirit will unlock new paths in life in further reading.

Who Is My Guardian Angel?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that guardian angels are sacred scripture that don’t choose us – we choose them! Once you’ve figured out who your guardian angel is by relying on the power of astrology, it will be up to you to decide how you want to cultivate that bond with your celestial being.

Guardian Angel

Do you want to know who your guardian angel is? Every believers has their special angel send by Christ in heaven based on their date of birth. By looking up the number associated with your birthday, you will be able to find out the name of your guardian angel and learn more about what they can do for you and their mundane affairs.

Your Guardian Angels Name By Month

Your Guardian Angels Name By Month


January 1st – 5thNemamiah – Angel of general prosperity.
January 6th – 10thYeialel – Angel that helps with mental health.
January 11th – 15th Harael – Angel that helps with fertility.
January 16th – 20thMitzrael – Angel that helps with mental illness.
January 21st – 25thUmabel – Angel that makes you more sociable.
January 26th – 30thIah Hel – Angel that blesses you with wisdom.
January 31st – February 4thAnauel – Angel that guarantees protection.


February 5th – 9th Mehiel – Angel of protection from danger.
February 10th – 14th Damabiah – Angel to attracts prosperity.
February 15th – 19th Manakel – Angel that heals illnesses.
February 20th – 24th Eyael – Angel that helps seek the truth.
February 25th – 29thHabuhiah – Angel that favors growth.


March 1st – 5thRochel – Angel that helps find lost objects.
March 6th – 10thJabamiah – Angel that increases spirituality.
March 11th – 15thHaiaiel – Angel of good for protection.
March 16th – 20thMumiah – Angel of favors success.
March 21st – 25thVehuiah – Angel of favors fresh starts.
March 26th – 30thJeliel – Angel that enhances love.
March 31st – April 4thSitael – Angel that grants protection.


April 5th – 9thElemiah – Angel that ensures safety.
April 10th – 14thMahasiah – Angel that grants harmony.
April 15th – 20thLelahel – Angel that aids with knowledge.
April 21st – 26thAchaiah – Angel that bestows patience.
April 27th – 30thCahetel – Angel that fights against evil.


May 1st – 5thHaziel – Angel that grants forgiveness.
May 6th – 10thAladiah – Angel that bestows good health.
May 11th – 15thLauvuel – Angel that encourages victory.
May 16th – 21stHahaiah – Angel that helps against adversity.
May 22nd – 26thYezalel – Angel that promotes friendships.
May 27th – 31stMebahel – Angel that stands for justice.


June 1st – 5thHariel – Angel that enhances morals.
June 6th – 10thHekamiah – Angel that encourages loyalty.
June 11th – 15thLauviah – Angel that encourages revelations.
June 16th – 21stCaliel – Angel that gives advice.
June 22nd – 26thLeuviah – Angel that expands intellect.
June 27th – 1st JulyPahaliah – Angel that develops spirituality.


July 2nd – 6thNelchaël – Angel that fights evil.
July 7th – 11thYeiayel – Angel that grants fortune.
July 12th – 16thMelahel – Angel that urges healing.
July 17th – 23rdHaheuiah – Angel that grants safety.
July 24th – 27thNithaiah – Angel that develops wisdom.
July 28th – August 1st Haaiah – Angel that increases ambition.


August 2nd – 6thYeratel – Angel that ensures justice.
August 7th – 12th Seheiah – Angel that protects health.
August 13th – 17th Reiyel – Angel that encourages truth.
August 18th – 23rdOmael – Angel that prevents depression.
August 24th – 28thLecabel – Angel that increases knowledge.
August 29th – September 2ndVasariah – Angel that attracts mercy.


September 3rd – 7thYehuiah – Angel that helps with self-discovery.
September 8th – 12thLehahiah – Angel that calms anger.
September 13th – 17thChavaquiah – Angel of favors reconciliation.
September 18th – 23rdMenadel – Angels of encourages employment.
September 24th – 28thAniel – Angel of increases knowledge.
September 29th – October 3rdHaamiah – Angel of increases ambition.


October 4th – 8thRehael – Angel that heals the sick.
October 9th – 13thLeiazel – Angel that grants comfort.
October 14th – 18thHahahel – Angel that favors missions.
October 19th – 23rdMikael – Angel that protects you.
October 24th – 28thVeuliah – Angel that safeguards you.
October 29th – November 2ndYelaiah – Angel of favors success.


November 3rd – 7thSehaliah – Angel that increases willpower.
November 8th – 12thAriel – Angel that increases gratitude.
November 13th – 17thAsaliah – Angel of heavenly connection.
November 18th – 22ndMihael – Angel of rekindles love.
November 23rd – 27thVehuel – Angel that eliminates pains.
November 28th – December 2ndDaniel – Angel that helps obtain mercy.


December 3rd – 7thHahasiah – Angel that uncovers mysteries.
December 8th – 12thImamiah – Angel of patron of prisoners.
December 13th – 16thNanael – Angel that helps with meditation.
December 17th – 21stNithael – Angel that helps with writing.
December 22nd – 26thMebahiah – Angel that urges good deeds.
December 27th – 31stPoyel – Angel that encourages fulfillment.

Everyone has a special guardian angel from heaven designated to them by their birth date. By looking up the number associated with your birthday in the angel calendar, you can discover the name of your guardian angel and learn more about their divine qualities.

Every five days, a new angel is assigned to bless us with insights and positive energy. By taking time to get to know your guardian angel, you can tap into the blessings they provide and live life more peacefully.

The angels are here to help us on our journey of life, and connecting with them can bring peace, happiness and victory. As we continue in the new year, may your guardian angel be a source of strength and protection. Use this angel calendar as a guide to learning more about yourself and discovering the unique gifts each angel brings.

How To Notice The Presence Of Your Guardian Angel?

While it may be hard to notice your guardian angel’s presence physically, there are some signs that may indicate that they are near. Look for coincidences or unexplainable occurrences in your life, as well as a feeling of comfort and peace in difficult moments.

How To Notice The Presence Of Your Guardian Angel

Your guardian angel is usually close when you’re surrounded by beauty, joy and love. Taking time to meditate can also help you feel and perceive the presence of your guardian angel more clearly. Ultimately, trusting in your intuition will help you know when they are near!

Remember that your guardian angel is always with you, no matter what. Connecting to them through prayer and meditation will help you feel their strength and guidance in times of need. Acknowledge the power of your guardian angel send by heaven by honoring their wisdom and loving energy each day!

Signs That Your Guardian Angel Is With You

Experiencing sudden, powerful emotions could be a sign that your guardian angel is with you. When overwhelmed by emotions, take deep breaths and connect to your intuition. If the feeling persists and you feel safe, stay in the single moment and explore what you’re feeling and why. This could be your guardian angel’s way of communicating with you. By being mindful and open to the message, you may be able to understand it better.

Signs That Your Guardian Angel Is With You

Hearing strange sounds could be a sign that your guardian angel is with you. If the sound doesn’t feel threatening and feels reassuring, take a moment and try to listen closely to what the sound is saying. Our angel’s voice often communicates with us through subtle messages in the form of sounds, words, or other forms of energy. Pay attention to how the sound makes you feel—it could be your guardian angel’s way of trying to get a message across.

A sweet smell could be a sign that your guardian angel is with you. Many believe that when our angels want to communicate with us, they can do so through different smells, like roses or baking bread. If you notice a pleasant smell in the air and it feels comforting and reassuring, try to connect to what your guardian angel is saying. Pay attention to how the smell makes you feel—it may be their way of getting a message across.

Feeling a sense of warmth could be a sign that your guardian angel is with you. When angels surround us, it’s said that they can give off comforting, warm sensations through their energy. If you feel warmth and it feels reassuring, try to connect to what your guardian angel is saying. Pay attention to how the warmth makes you feel—it could be their way of conveying a message to you.

Seeing strange colors in the mirror could signify that your guardian angel is with you. Angels sometimes appear to us in various mystical ways and seeing strange colors when you look into the mirror can be one of them. If you notice unusual hues and it feels calming, try to connect to what your guardian angel is saying. Pay attention to how the colors make you feel—it could be their same way of giving you a sign.


What is a guardian angel?

A guardian angel is a divine being assigned to guide, protect and watchful care over an individual or group of people on their spiritual journey. Guardian angels are believed to be messengers from God in old testament, providing us with guidance and strength during difficult times and helping us make important decisions in our lives.

Who are Peter’s angel

Peter’s guardian angel is likely one of the seven Archangels mentioned in the Bible–Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raguel, Sariel, Remiel and Michael as chief princes. Each of these Angels have unique attributes and roles in guiding those they are assigned to. His guardian angel may change over time depending on what Peter needs guidance on or which ministering spirits he seeks to develop.

Are guardian angels God created?

Yes, believer stands that Christ divinely created a guardian angels. They are sent to guide and protect human life on spiritual journeys, helping us recognize our soul’s purpose here on earth and obtain salvation. Guardian angels bridge the physical and heavenly worlds, connecting us with divine wisdom, shepherd leading, and providing necessary guidance when needed.


What a marvelous experience to explore the secret knowledge of one’s birth angel! With a single birth date, human being can discover the wonders of divine interaction with our lives. By being aware of our guardian angels and the presence they bring, we are able to enhance our spiritual journey exponentially.

From finding out the timetable for connection, to recognizing signs and omens, our experience has been deepened! Every individual is endowed with a guardian angel that is ready to provide undivided attention and transformative blessings.

It is never too late to contact this special guardian angel – all it takes is one simple step towards connecting with him or her through prayer, just what the catholic church teaches. So what are you waiting for? Find your names and start engaging today!


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