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Guardian Angel Iah Hel: Blesses You With Wisdom

Do you ever feel like a guardian angel is watching over you and blessing you with protection and wisdom? Guardian Angel Iah Hel is here to provide just that.

By having Iah Hel on your side, you will be blessed with the knowledge to make wise decisions in all aspects of life, from choosing the right home for purchase to getting best mortgage rates possible.

With her blessing, Iah Hel can help guide you towards success as an individual and a homeowner. So if you’re looking for guidance along guardian angels, look no further than Guardian Angel Iah Hel!

Who Is Guardian Iah Hel?

Iah Hel is a male guardian angel, a symbol of happiness. He is an extremely wise Guardian Angel, serving as a protector for people born between the 26th and 30th of January.

But he also serves as a guide in other ways: his serenity and emphasis on concentration empower those native to him to engage in deep introspection, avoiding potentially confrontational moments.

Guardian Iah Hel

As such, it’s no surprise that Iah Hel has become known as a beacon of enlightenment and well-being—it is said those who understand his energy can unlock new truths about themselves. If you identify with this guardian angel, consider inquiring into how you can call on him for guidance; you may be quite surprised at the answers you find!

Iah Hel angel name means “Supreme God” angel of philosophers and enlightened individuals, who, under his influence, can find new awareness and unlock hidden reservoirs of wisdom. His power can refresh your appeal for knowledge and sharpen your senses.

It’s said that those whom he chooses to aid will be bestowed with claireaudience – an unheard sound from a spiritual realm – clairvoyance – subtleties in visions – and clairsentience through physical sensations. 

What’s more, he creates a positive atmosphere so one can experience inner and outer peace. A peaceful meditation, alone or with friends, provides a wonderful opportunity for intelligence refinement as well as introspection leading to come up with new ideas for self-improvement.

Who among us cannot do better by taking a break to meditate under Iah-Hel’s followers benevolent influence as “Supreme God”? Who knows what incredible revelations may manifest when exploring that silent space between thoughts?

The Characteristics Of Iah Hel, Guardian Angel

Discover Iah Hel’s attributes, the guardian angel of knowledge, is a powerful symbol of balance and harmony. Those blessed with his wisdom are said to possess a greater awareness of self, allowing them to make more informed decisions in life.

The Characteristics Of Iah Hel, Guardian Angel

His energy is calming, yet empowering; he helps those under his protection tap into their inner strength and creativity.

Virtues And Powers

Love – dear angel Iah hel stands for love and understanding. He encourages us to look within ourselves for answers, and to be patient with those we interact with. He teaches us the importance of being open-minded and accepting of others’ opinions.


Intelligence – Iah Hel is the guardian angel of intelligence and knowledge. His energy helps us develop our intellect, allowing us to make wise decisions. He encourages us to be curious and explore all aspects of life, so that we may uncover new truths about ourselves.


Life Purpose – Angle Iah Hel has been known to provide guidance and direction when it comes to finding our life purpose. He encourages us to focus on what truly makes us happy, and not to be afraid of taking risks to achieve our goals.

Life Purpose

Protection – As a guardian angel, Iah Hel offers protection for those under his care. His energy is said to bring strength and courage in times of adversity, helping us to stay on our path with confidence and peace of mind.


Life Purpose Angelic Choir

The Archangels, bearers of knowledge and power, are often seen as the angelic choir of Guardian Angel Iah Hel. They aid those who call upon them in times of need, imparting their wisdom and guidance.

They are said to provide strength and courage when feeling lost or confused. When these archangels appear in our dreams, we should take action immediately and pay close attention to the signs they provide.


Netzach is the essence of victory and success, both spiritually and materially. It teaches us how to create balance in our lives, allowing us to pursue our dreams while maintaining integrity. Netzach also helps those under Iah Hel’s protection to stay focused on their goals, even when faced with challenges.

* The sefirots are the ten creative powers of the Kabbale. Kabbalah is illustrated by a tree, with each Sefirot manifesting the energy of God’s divine power.


Raphael, protector of relationships and healer of the soul, is a powerful archangel who provides guidance and healing to those under Iah Hel’s protection. He helps us to connect with our higher self, inspiring us to live an authentic life full of passion and joy.



Air is the element associated with Iah Hel. It symbolizes intelligence, clarity, and communication. Air helps to bring balance and peace in our lives, giving us the ability to think clearly and make wise decisions.


Hierarchical Color

Hierarchical Color







Ruby, Crystal, Agate



Mercury and Venus

Why should you call Iah Hel?

Calling upon your Iah Hel angel is a wise choice in times of stress, as he can help you to rise above it. As well as protecting you from arguments, vanity, and lust, Iah Hel can also protect you from jealousy and fix any relationship-related problems.

Moreover, looking into the future with a higher level of protection will help you to be more finely attuned to your senses – allowing you to obtain the insight necessary for contemplation and finding strength at moments when you are otherwise struggling.

Why should you call Iah Hel?

It is, therefore best to call on Iah Hel during stressful situations that demand clarity of thought and composure if one wishes to gain peace during times of reflection. Additionally, Iah Hel can also offer protection during times of travel and assist in the manifestation of positive energy at all times.

In addition to offering divine protection, Iah Hel is a powerful angel that encourages us to be creative and explore new paths. He teaches us how to use our intelligence and knowledge wisely, allowing us to make decisions that benefit ourselves and the inner world.

So, if you want to find guidance in this ever-changing world and experience a sense of safety and security, calling upon Iah Hel is a wise choice.

Angel Iah Hel Provides

Iah Hel provides guidance and support in times of need, offering healing and protection from negative energies. He encourages us to be open-minded and compassionate with those around us, helping us to foster relationships based on mutual respect. Guardian angel Iah Hel provides:

Wisdom – He helps us find the courage to make wise decisions and trust our intuition when we are making choices that will affect our destiny. His divine presence brings us knowledge, guidance, and understanding so that we can stay on track with our true path in life.


Iah Hel helps us listen to the spiritual voice within and reveals the power of our higher self. He is a great source of inspiration which can empower us to move forward confidently in all matters related to personal growth and development.

Meditation – He helps us to focus our attention on the moment and tune into what is going on within us, both mentally and emotionally. Through his divine presence, Iah Hel gives us the clarity we need to access our inner wisdom and develop a deeper understanding of ourselves.


Meditation with his support allows us to connect with our own inner compassion and strength so that we can create positive changes in our lives.

Great virtues – Guardian angel Iah Hel provides great virtues that help us become better versions of ourselves. He helps us cultivate habits such as kindness, humility, patience and gratitude so that we can stay on the path of living a more meaningful life.

Great virtues

He encourages us to listen to our inner voice and live with integrity and honor. With his help, we can be a source of strength for those around us and create lasting relationships that are rooted in mutual respect and understanding.

Kindness – Guardian angel Iah Hel is an angel of kindness and compassion. He helps us to show kindness not only to those around us but also to our inner selves. He reminds us that we are worthy of love, no matter our flaws, and teaches us how to be kind and gentle with ourselves.


By accessing the power of love within us, we can expand our capacity for joy and generosity, allowing us to share kindness with others and build a better world for all.

What to ask angel Iah Hel?

Not only is angel Iah Hel a protector and a source of comfort during life’s toughest times, such as separation or divorce, but he is also an invaluable partner in the new searches we undertake.

Whether you’re looking for a date, remarriage, special events to trigger divinely predetermined meetings with special people, or even if you are a teacher or a researcher angel Iah Hel can help.

What to ask angel Iah Hel?

All it takes is belief and prayer. Ask him for wisdom to help finding the best capacity for instruction; and for that little something extra you need to share your knowledge with others.

Iah Hel means the “Supreme God” will never forsake those who seek him out in earnest and believe in his mighty power. Asking angel Iah Hel ensures you will receive the most accurate guidance, answers to prayer and a profound sense of peace.

You can also ask Iah Hel for things like better relationships with your family and friends, more spiritual growth and insight into yourself, protection from negative energy, blessings in difficult times, or physical healing.

No matter the request, Iah Hel will be there to provide you with the comfort, guidance and strength you need. He is an invaluable partner in your journey who can bring clarity, understanding and joy into all areas of your life.

So, whatever you are seeking in life, call on Iah Hel for help. He is a powerful ally with the wisdom and guidance to lead you in the right direction. Just reach out with an open heart and mind and allow his healing light to guide you! His presence will bring clarity, understanding and joy into all areas of your life.

How to call Guardian Iah Hel?

Communing with Guardian Iah Hel, your guardian angel, is easy once you are aware of the days and regency hours. These periods occur on the 10th March, 22nd May, 6th August, 18th October and 29th December between 20:20 and 20:40.

How to call Guardian Iah Hel?

At this time, it’s best to burn Mastic incense while reciting a prayer of devotion in order to make sure you connect properly with your guardian angel. Visualize the smoke of the incense slowly drifting up to heaven in order to reach them. With these simple steps, you can bridge the gap between the spiritual realm and Earth so that you can tap into their wisdom and guidance.


Who is Guardian Angel Iah Hel?

Guardian Angel Iah Hel is an angel of love and kindness who helps us discover our inner strength and reach our highest potential.

How does extremely wise Guardian Angel Iah Hel help us?

Iah Hel helps us cultivate virtues such as kindness, humility, patience, and gratitude to create a more meaningful life for ourselves and those around us. He also encourages us to listen to our inner voice and live with integrity and honor.

What benefits can we gain from working with Guardian Angel Iah Hel?

By working with Guardian Angel Iah Hel, we can strengthen our capacity for joy and generosity, develop positive relationships rooted in mutual respect, become better versions of ourselves, and ultimately create a better world for everyone.

How can we connect with Guardian Angel Iah Hel?

We can connect with Guardian Angel Iah Hel simply by meditating on his energy, speaking out loud his name or mantra, or setting up a sacred space where we can pray or meditate with him.

What challenges will working with Guardian Angel Iah Hel help us overcome?

Working with Guardian Angel Iah Hel can help us overcome personal challenges such as low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness, and challenges related to developing relationships characterized by empathy, compassion, and understanding.

What kind of guidance does he provide us?

Guardian Angel Iah Hel guides us by helping us identify our highest potential by aligning ourselves with love and cultivating virtues essential for a more meaningful life, such as kindness, humility, patience, and gratitude. He also encourages us to be guided by sound ethical principles when living with integrity and honor.


Guardian Angel Iah Hel is responsible for blessing us with wisdom, and his characteristics include being helpful and having a deep understanding. He is also in charge of the Virtues and Powers. The Sefirot are also under his jurisdiction.

Archangel Metatron is his superior. Iah Hel’s element is fire, while his hierarchical color is white, and he belongs to the second Sphere. His colors are blue, yellow, orange, red, green, brown, and violet.

Lastly, his gemstones are topaz and citrine, while beryl planets sapphire rule him exercise control over Jupiter.


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