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Guardian Angel Jabamiah: Symbol Of Alchemy And Transformation

Do you ever feel like something or someone is looking out for you when no one else is? Believe it or not, this feeling might be guardian angel Jabamiah. According to ancient Jewish mythology, Jabamiah brings transformation, providing guidance and protection on your journey through life.

Whether you’re going through a period of upheaval and uncertainty or are actively working towards personal growth and self-improvement, his presence can inspire change within us all.

This blog post will explore who he was in history and what he can mean for spiritual guidance today. Let’s dive into how Jabamiah helps us navigate negative energies even the most challenging times!

Who Is Guardian Angel Jabamiah?

People born between March 6th and 10th? Then your guardian angel is Jabamiah, a powerful celestial representing creativity and alchemy. This feminine-polar guardian angel draws energy from the Moon and Venus, demonstrating her strong connection to the water element. It’s believed that if you seek her guidance, she can help projects to succeed.

Angel Jabamiah

As the Angel number 70 out of 72 angels, Jabamiah can inspire us to achieve great things. If you’re looking for insight on positively transforming aspects of your life, it might be best to reach out to her for wisdom and information.

Native to many places, Guardian Angel Yabamiah is a strong figure renowned for their ability to balance emotion and thought. From education to decision-making and creativity, Yabamiah has a knack for it all. Not only are they able to make well-planned decisions, but they also create unique formulas with their artistic capabilities.

The Characteristics Of Jabamiah Guardian Angel

When Guardian Angel Jabamiah is present, your life will likely undergo some transformation. With each process step, you’ll be pushed to use your heart and head as guidance. Here are just a few key characteristics associated with this powerful angel:

The Characteristics Of Jabamiah Guardian Angel

Virtues And Powers

Development – Jabamiah angel can help you to understand and develop your spiritual, mental, and emotional capabilities.


Fertility – Jabamiah angel can help to promote fertility in both the spiritual and physical sense, enabling you to create something new out of nothing.


Intelligence – Jabamiah angel is a master of thought, helping you to identify patterns in the world and formulate creative solutions.


Health and Healing – Jabamiah projects can provide insight and guidance on improving your overall wellness, whether it’s physical or spiritual body.

Health and Healing

Angelic Choir

There are nine choirs of Angels that guide humanity through every stage of life, each with its unique purpose and function. Guardian Angel Jabamiah is a member of the third choir, known as the Dominion in the angelic world.


Netzach: This is the sefirot of victory and success. Under Guardian Angel Jabamiah’s guidance, you can overcome all obstacles to greatness.

Sefirots, the ten creative powers of Kabbale.The Sefirot, representing the emanations of God’s energy, are manifested in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.



The one that governs Jabamiah is Gabriel, head of the Guardian angels




Hierarchical Color

Hierarchical Color



Blue and Green



Amethyst, Emerald, Moonstone, Rhodochrosite, Haematite, Opal, Pearl, Tanzanite, Pink Tourmaline



Moon and Venus

Why should you call Jabamiah?

Jabamiah is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive when refocusing your efforts or dealing with the fear of death. She can help you better understand what needs to be done and adjust your perspective on a project.

Why should you call Jabamiah

Furthermore, her expertise in dealing with death and grief helps those mourning a loved one have access to the resources and care they need. Why should you call Jabamiah? She’s been known to offer strength, comfort, solace, and clarity during challenging moments.

Angel Jabamiah Provides

Jabamiah guides those who need to make decisions about their lives, be they personal or professional. She can help you through the process of understanding what you want and how to get there. Guardian angel Yamabiah provides:

Success – Yamabiah is a guardian angel of success. He helps individuals achieve their dreams and reach their full potential. Through prayer or meditation, Yamabiah provides the divine guidance and inspiration required for those striving for success.


Sensitivity – Yamabiah is a guardian angel of sensitivity. He helps those struggling to express their emotions, build relationships, and create meaningful bonds with others. By connecting to his energy through prayer or meditation, you can learn how to increase your emotional intelligence and develop your self-awareness.


Creativity – Yamabiah is a guardian angel of creativity. He facilitates the flow of creative energy and helps nurture one’s imagination, providing dissemination of profitable philosophical ideas and helping them find solutions to challenging problems. Through prayer or meditation, you can connect to his energy and awaken your inner artist, unlocking boundless possibilities in your life.


What to ask, angel Jabamiah?

Connecting with our guardian angels can be a helpful, comforting way to assist someone passing away. When you are accompanying someone at the end of life, consider asking your guardian angel Yabamiah for assistance; if the person dies, your angel will guide them directly to the afterlife.

What to ask, angel Jabamiah

It is believed that this guide helps the deceased to separate from their physical body and transition into their spiritual form more easily. Our guardian angels deeply understand what it means to get through transition points in life, especially when separating from our bodies, so they can provide us with much-needed guidance during such difficult times.

How to call Guardian Angel Jabamiah?

If you wish to communicate with your Guardian Angel Jabamiah, the best time to do so is during their regency hours throughout 6th January, 18th March, 31st May, 14th August and 26th October. On these days the gate will be opened between 23:00 and 23:20, and you can use that window of time to commune with your angel.

How to call Guardian Angel Jabamiah

For a successful connection, offer Sandalwood incense as part of your prayer or ritual as this rich aroma has been used throughout history to symbolize communication with higher realms. With a simple prayer and burning incense, you can enter a divine conversation and connect with your protector in the spirit world.


How can I connect with Jabamiah’s energy?

You can connect with Jabamiah’s energy through prayer or meditation. Make sure that you are open to receiving his guidance and that your intention for doing so is pure of heart. Allow yourself to feel his presence as he manifests himself through visions, sounds, thoughts, and emotions.

What benefits can I expect from connecting with Jabamiah angel energy?

By connecting with Jabamiah’s energy, you can expect mental clarity, emotional stability, physical health, an abundance of wealth, harmonious relationships, and spiritual healer enlightenment. His guidance allows you to manifest your goals into reality while optimizing your potential in every area of life.


Guardian Angel Jabamiah is the alchemist of transformation and transmutation. He is known to be very powerful, and helpful, and provides guidance regarding change. If you are going through a major life transition or need assistance during difficult times, consider calling on Jabamiah for help.

He will provide support, strength, and guidance as you navigate these changes. Do you have a personal story about how Guardian Angel Jabamiah has helped you? We’d love to hear it! Share your story with us in the comments below.


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