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Guardian Angel Lauviah: For Revelations And Dreams

Have you ever felt like an invisible protector was looking out for your well-being and guiding you in the right direction?

If so, Guardian Angel Lauviah could be just the angelic guidance system you need. Selected from a pool of four angels associated with divine revelations and dream messages, Lauviah provides gentle whispers of knowledge to help direct perceptions towards understanding life’s true meaning.

Each angel offers its unique gifts to help individuals along the path of life. Lauviah is known for her ability to bring clarity and understanding to those who seek it, assist them to understand their dreams, and give insight into divine guidance messages.

She also allows people recognize when they require protection, guiding them towards safety and avoid negative energies.

Who Is Guardian Angel Lauviah?

For those born between the 11th to 15th of June, their angel is Lauviah, a female angel. This Lauviah angel of restful sleep brings revelations by dreaming.

Guardian Angel Lauviah

And with that, she gives excellent inner strength to her natives to help them overcome any hostile forces.

These people are calm and value friendship and intimate relationships with the ones they love deeply. If you’re one of these lucky few, learn more about communing with Lauviah – your guardian angel connected to premonition and intuition. Unlock the secrets she has in store for you!

The Characteristics Of Lauviah Guardian Angel

Lauviah brings stability and understanding to her devotees. She is here to guide those in need of divine intervention, particularly in times of distress or confusion.

Her gift is the ability to bring clarity out of chaos and help people connect with their inner strength so they can move forward in life with confidence. You will be able to experience her presence through dreams, visions, and prophetic messages.

The Characteristics Of Lauviah Guardian Angel

Virtues And Powers

Love – Lauviah’s natives are born with a deep and meaningful love for the world around them, which gives them great insight into the feelings of others.


Knowledge and Premonitions – They have a strong affinity for knowledge and can see the future just by looking at things.

Knowledge and Premonitions

Dream Interpretation – A great tool for understanding their own inner thoughts, Lauviah’s dream interpretations can give you an entirely new perspective on any situation of higher worlds.

Dream Interpretation

Development – Lauviah helps her natives develop their skills and talents, leading them to success and satisfaction.

Dream Interpretation

Protection – As a guardian angel, Lauviah will always be there to protect and guide you in times of doubt or difficulty.


Angelic Choir

The Thrones – divine beings that offer insights and guidance during difficult times. Their light helps us navigate our life hardships and make sense of the underlying patterns we may have missed.

From understanding our true purpose to uncovering courage and strength in times of struggle, learn how the Angelic Choir of Lauviah can unlock paths you never knew existed and bring inner peace when everything else seems too challenging to cope with.


The Sefirot of Angel Lauviah represent two great traits that allow us to navigate our life more easily and harmoniously. Binah stands for Understanding, helping us collect the puzzle pieces and make sense of our experiences.


Chochmah stands for Wisdom, allowing us to look beyond the present and see our true strength even in moments of darkness.

Learn how the powerful combination of understanding and wisdom from The Thrones can unlock your inner potential and help you truly understand life’s hardships.


Zaphkiel – Archangel of Guidance and Protection, Zaphkiel is the mighty warrior who will stand by your side in times of need. He is a powerful ally who can bring courage and strength when everything else seems too challenging to cope with.



Air – Representing communication, clarity and objectivity, Air is essential for those seeking understanding and guidance. By connecting with the air element, we learn to tune into our intuition and become aware of our hidden potentials that are often left unexplored.


Hierarchical Color

Indigo – Representing the higher realm of understanding, Indigo will bring clarity and illumination to your life. By understanding the deeper meanings of our experiences, we may develop a heightened sense of awareness that can help us in times of confusion and doubt.



Pale Purple – Representing peace and tranquility, Pale Purple is an essential color for those born under the influence of Lauviah. By connecting with this calming color, you may explore your inner thoughts and better understand yourself.

Pale Purple

Pink – Representing love and compassion, Pink is a great way to connect with the nurturing spirit of Angel Lauviah. We can learn to embrace our emotions and find true inner peace by tuning into its gentle energy.




Ambre, Chrysoprase, Carnelian, Fire Agate, Green Tourmaline, Star Ruby


Saturn – Ruling over the spiritual realm, Saturn teaches us to take our time and be patient with life’s process. By understanding that every journey takes its own sweet time, we gain a newfound appreciation for the beauty of uncertainty.

Planet Saturn

Uranus – Symbolizing charisma and intuition, Uranus helps us to unlock our hidden potentials that can be seen in moments of clarity. By connecting with our inner truth, we create a powerful force that guides us on our journey.


Why should you call Lauviah?

Invoking Angel Lauviah can help you make sense of any premonitory dreams, ease your anguish and indecision, and fill you with compassion.

Through her guidance, you are able to overcome many difficulties and transform them into powerful energy. As a result, she can lift you from depression and sadness and turn your outlook into an unconditional love for life full of joy and enthusiasm.

Angel Lauviah Provides

Intuitive understanding – With the help of Guardian angel Lauviah, one can gain intuitive understand to their life right path.

Intuitive understanding

With her guidance, one can understand the meaning and purpose behind difficult situations and recognize their strengths to overcome obstacles.

Through her aid, we learn to fully trust our inner knowing and cultivate a deeper connection with the divine spirit.

A love for life – Through the support and assistance of Guardian angel Lauviah, we can gain an unconditional love for life. She brings forth a greater joy and enthusiasm in our lives, helping us develop a deeper appreciation for everyday moments.

A love for life

With her aid, we learn to embrace our circumstances wholeheartedly, radiating compassion and kindness wherever we go.

A gift for the arts – Guardian angel Lauviah is a powerful muse, offering her celestial guidance to those seeking inspiration in the arts.

A gift for the arts

She helps us to recognize our individual gifts and talents, giving us confidence in our creative endeavors. Through her presence, we receive insight into the many beauty forms surrounding us and are encouraged to express ourselves freely.

A good understanding of reality – With Guardian angel Lauviah, we can better comprehend our place in reality. She helps us to see the bigger picture and understand the reasons behind our life’s journey.

A good understanding of reality

Her assistance blesses us with clarity, insight, and vision – enabling us to make thoughtful decisions that lead to a balanced sense of self-awareness.

Protection against unkept promises – Guardian angel Lauviah protects those whose promises have been broken. With her help, we can be vigilant against unfulfilled expectations and recognize when it’s time to stand up for ourselves.

Protection against unkept promises

She teaches us how to stay firm in our convictions and remain steadfast in the face of challenges, so that we may never have to experience the heartache that comes with broken promises again.

Self-confidence – With the help of Guardian angel Lauviah, we can gain self-confidence and inner strength. She blesses us with courage and a sense of security that allows us to express our true selves without fear or hesitation.


When we work with her, we can overcome even the most daunting adversities and exude an aura of self-assurance so that we may never doubt our capabilities again.

What to ask angel Lauviah?

Guardian angel Lauviah is here to guide those who are sensitive to hallucination, letting them take note of what their minds are trying to tell them. For those with social issues, she offers a unique opportunity for freedom from stress and worry.

Additionally, if one’s days are filled with too much strain, her divine guidance will help lead them to a more restful sleep. Not only that, but her insightfulness can also foster an atmosphere of joy and positivity in one’s life.

Those who are looking for direction can ask her to show them the path they should take. Additionally, they can inquire with her about how to come back from difficult times and stand up as a powerful force against injustice.

Lastly, she provides support and fortitude to those who need help becoming confident with themselves and their inner strength.

How to call Guardian Angel Lauviah?

If you seek an audience with Guardian Angel Lauviah, special days and regency hours have been set aside for your convenience.

How to call Guardian Angel Lauviah?

On January 25th, April 6th, June 20th, September 3rd, and November 14th between the hours of 05:20 and 05:40 is when she can most effectively lend her assistance to those in need.

To enhance your communication with her even further, it is recommended to burn Storax incense as you recite the dedicated prayer.


When can I communicate with my guardian angel, Lauviah?

The special days and regency hours for communicating with Guardian Angel Lauviah are January 25th, April 6th, June 20th, September 3rd and November 14th between 05:20 and 05:40.

What prayer should I say to communicate with her?

Say her dedicated prayer to facilitate better communication with your guardian angel, Lauviah.

What is the best way to maximize my connection to her?

Burning Storax incense while saying her dedicated prayer will maximize your connection to Guardian Angel Lauviah.

Why call with dear angel lauviah?

Calling upon the powerful Archangels and their virtues can help us align our lives to the higher vibrations of love, joy and prosperity. One of the most beloved angels is Archangel Lauviah, whose name means “divine light of God.” By calling on Angel Lauviah, we can ask for assistance with emotional healing, financial abundance and spiritual growth. Her divine energy will open doors to new opportunities in all areas of life.

How can she help me if I am sensitive to hallucination?

Guardian angel Lauviah can accompany you to take into account the upheavals and messages of your mind if you are sensitive to hallucination; ultimately helping free you from anxiety and promoting optimism and joy in your daily life.

How can she help me if I have social problems?

The unique benefits of having a guardian angel like Lauviah can be extremely beneficial when it comes to solving social problems; offering relief from stress as well as fostering an atmosphere of joy and positivity in one’s life.


After knowing the importance of Guardian Angel Lauviah and his incredible characteristics, it is easy to comprehend why so many people seek out this angel of dreams and revelations.

As a devoted friend and teacher of divine truth, Lauviah will shower you with abundant spiritual gifts that will benefit your physical and spiritual life. Through his sensible advice and guiding wings, you can face any difficulty head on with enthusiasm and confidence.

Furthermore, calling upon him guarantees messages of love, hope and even enlightenment with the pathway to your highest good illuminated before you.

So if you’re looking for guidance or illumination speak to Angel Lauviah for wisdom on desired outcome for your future endeavors. All are encouraged to discover their unique path through Guardian Angel Lauviah’s abundant insights.


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