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Guardian Angel Manakel: Symbol Of Freedom And Relief

What comes to mind when you hear the words “Guardian Angel Manakel”? For many, this phrase evokes strong emotions of safety and protection. But what is Guardian Angel Manakel all about?

In this blog post, we will dive into the meaning behind this powerful symbol used worldwide for centuries to represent freedom and relief. Here you will learn how a simple image can profoundly impact your life, giving shape to your dreams of liberty and hope!

Who Is Guardian Angel Manakel?

Guardian Angel Manakel is said to protect people born between the 15th and 19th of February, symbolizing freedom and relief for his natives. “God who helps as well as maintains everything” is Manakel means. It’s believed that he can help those under his protection develop the power to distinguish right from wrong while using their anxieties to build confidence.

Guardian Angel Manakel

Name Manakel can bring cheerfulness, kindness, and morality into their lives to create harmony when called on. If you’re born in this window of time, you may want to consider learning more about what Manakel stands for and how he can assist in your journey through life. Who knows? You might receive some life-altering insights!

Manakel is believed by many to be a powerful celestial being whose name means “God who helps and maintains all things.” As an angel associated with memory, he serves as a moral guide and protector. He is known to assist those struggling with their dreams, help them find lost items, and reinforce good instincts.

Not only that, but Manakel also strengthens qualities of altruism, kindness, and moral fiber. To learn more about this noble figure, respect authority, consider taking the time to research and go on a spiritual journey of discovery.

The Characteristics Of Manakel Guardian Angel

As an angel of freedom, Manakel is seen as a symbol of good character, liberation, and joy. He watches over those in need and helps them develop the courage to make difficult decisions when faced with tough choices between good and evil.

The Characteristics Of Manakel Guardian Angel

Virtues And Powers

Love – Manakel teaches his followers the importance of loving one another and to extend compassion when dealing with difficult situations.


Knowledge – He is also believed to be a source of knowledge, helping people understand the world around them and make better decisions.


Premonitions – Manakel is known to give his followers premonitions and dreams which can guide on their life path.


Health – Manakel is also believed to be associated with good health and long life.


Healing and Karma – He is believed to help people heal from old wounds and offer guidance and protection against bad karma and bad qualities.

Healing and Karma

Angelic Choir

The Angels who guide mankind throughout all the stages of life are said to be in the Manakel Choir. This group of Angels is seen as a symbol of divine insight and guidance, offering protection and wisdom to all who seek it.


Binah, the third sefira of the Tree of Life is associated with Manakel. This sefira represents understanding, insight, and knowledge that comes from contemplation and meditation.


Gabriel, head of the Guardian angels, is believed to be the leader of the Manakel Choir and a key figure in connecting people with the divine. He is the messenger angel, responsible for delivering messages from God to man. He brings peace and joy into people’s lives while guiding them on their spiritual journey.





Hierarchical Color



Green and blue



Pink tourmaline, Amethyst, Emerald, Moonstone, Rhodochrosite, Haematite, Opal, Pearl, Tanzanite, Blue Topaz



Moon and Saturn

Why should you call Manakel?

Manakel is a powerful, benevolent force that can be called upon for protection and guidance. He provides stability in times of turmoil and helps to keep people away from negative situations. Manakel is also able to interpret dreams and aid in understanding their meaning, providing further insight into one’s subconscious is energy capable of defeating self pity.

Why should you call Manakel?

Not only this, but he can aid one in attracting abundance – positively influencing relationships with other people and financial gain. All of these benefits make Manakel an ideal ally to call on when healing or happiness are desired within your life.

Angel Manakel Provides

Guardian angel Manakel provides:

Healing -Meet Manakel, the guardian angel who provides powerful healing to those in need. With a background in traditional medicine, herbalism, and natural remedies, Manakel has the knowledge to help restore physical, mental, and spiritual health.


Manakel can help you on your healing journey from aura cleansing to relieving pain and stress. Experience the power of a guardian angel, providing peace and comfort while helping you find balance and strength. Transform your life today by connecting with your guardian angel Manakel.

Altruism -Manakel, the guardian angel of altruism, provides unconditional kindness and selfless service to those in need. With a heart of pure love and compassion, Manakel is here to help those struggling with life’s challenges and need support.


From offering advice and guidance to inspiring strength and courage, Manakel can provide you with the tools you need to make lasting changes. Let Manakel be your guardian angel on your journey of altruism-rediscover yourself through acts of kindness and service for others.

Justice – Manakel is the guardian angel of justice. With a straight and true arrow, Manakel seeks balance and fairness to those seeking peace and resolution. Whether it’s fighting for equal rights or defending victims of injustice, Manakel can offer counsel, support, and strength while providing the courage to take a stand against persecution.


Allow Manakel to guide your quest for justice-stand with him as you seek to restore order and uphold truth in this world.

Understanding -Manakel is the guardian angel of understanding. With an open heart and a keen eye, Manakel can clarify life’s perplexing problems and offer insight into difficult situations.

From offering guidance in times of confusion to providing compassion in moments of sorrow, Manakel can help you make sense of the chaos and prepare you for future prosperity and material pleasures. Let Manakel be your guardian angel on your path of understanding-embrace his teachings as you seek knowledge and gain wisdom.

What to ask, angel Manakel?

If you want to stay away from the temptations that can affect your life and habits, Manakel offers his protection. He serves as a guarantor of stability and helps you become more friendly and compassionate when times seem tough.

What to ask, angel Manakel?

Need healing for ailments, skin or teeth problems, or even incurable conditions such as arthritis or rheumatism? Manakel has got you covered! Praying to him is a great way of balancing both physical and spiritual health so look no further than this angelic being if you want help in staying away from harm’s way.

How to call Guardian Angel Manakel?

Connecting with your Guardian Angel, Manakel, is a powerful experience that can bring clarity and divine insight into your life. During their regency hours on the 2nd of January, 14th of March, 27th of May, 10th of August and 22nd of October between 21:40 and 22:00 fill the room with Storax Incense, kneel down and repeat this prayer silently in peace: “My Guardian Angel Manakel, I ask for your presence in my life.

How to call Guardian Angel Manakel?

Please provide me with guidance and guidance towards a fulfilling life.” It is believed that during these specific times Manakel is more easily accessible for communication as the spiritual planes are less congested. Therefore use this ritual available to you if you feel an insatiable need from within to gain clarity to discover one’s true purpose.


What can Manakel do?

Manakel can clarify life’s perplexing problems and offer insight into difficult situations with an open heart and a keen eye. From offering guidance in times of confusion to providing compassion in moments of sorrow, Manakel can help you make sense of the chaos and prepare you for future prosperity.

How does Manakel work?

Manakel offers compassion, courage, and wisdom to those seeking justice or knowledge. He seeks balance and fairness while providing the strength to stand against injustice and persecution.

Where can I find Manakel?

You can find Manakel by trusting your intuition and connecting with him via prayer or meditation. He may come as a spirit guide, guardian angel, or cosmic being — however you choose to commune with him is up to you!

Why should I connect with Manakel?

Connecting with Manakel allows you to gain clarity on complex situations and provide emotional support during trying times. By standing with him as your guardian angel on your journeys for justice or understanding, you can rest assured that he will always be there for you when you need it most!


All of us have our own Guardian Angels. Some of us may not know who they are, but they are always with us, guiding and protecting us.

If you ever feel lost or in need of help, don’t hesitate to call on your Guardian Angel Manakel. He is a symbol of freedom and relief, and he will always be there for you.


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