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Guardian Angel Mebahel: Your Dose Of Daily Strength

Welcome to the world of Guardian Angel Mebahel – your go-to destination for daily strength! Are you facing a difficult time in life and need a bit of extra help to make it through?

Do you ever feel like your days are too long and stressful and need something special to bring peace into your life? Don’t worry – we are here to give you the support and strength to get you through any situation.

With the strong presence, protection and guidance of Guardian Angel Mebahel, rest assured that no matter what happens in life, everything is going to be alright!

Who Is Guardian Angel Mebahel?

Those people born falls between May 26th and 31st, Mebahel is your guardian angel. This “conservative God” entity symbolizes strength and provides justice for those on the quest for truth. He endeavors to restore order so that that balance can be achieved.

Guardian Angel Mebahel

His natives look to fraternity and equality as guiding principles, often demonstrating a strong humanitarian sense by dedicating their energy to fighting injustice in any form. Explore further to learn more about your guardian angel and how best to communicate with him.

The Characteristics Of Mebahel Guardian Angel

The Characteristics Of Mebahel Guardian Angel

Virtues And Powers

Justice – the guardian angel of justice, offering protection to those who need it and fighting against any form of injustice.


Creativity – She encourages creativity, helps channel your energy towards innovative ideas and projects, and brings them to fruition.


Hope – also provides hope for his natives, as he is aware that sometimes life can be challenging and a bit overwhelming. He will give you the strength to get through any situation and look at things differently.


Courage – courage will help you take on any challenge, no matter how daunting. He will help you make decisions confidently and take risks that can benefit your life in the long run.


Self-control – Mebahel guardian angel encourages self-control, as he understands that sometimes it’s essential to take a step back to see the bigger picture. With his guidance, you can find ways to remain composed and make decisions that benefit your well-being.

Angelic choir

The Cherubs, the protectors of light and stars, are in charge of Mebahel’s angelic choir. By calling upon them for help whenever you feel lost or confused, they will bring peace and balance into your life. They make incredible allies that can be relied on to assist when needed! Don’t hesitate; to reach out—the Cherubs are here to help!

Angelic Choir


Mebahel, associated with the two Sefirot Chochmah (wisdom) and Netzach (victory), encourages his natives to pursue knowledge that can be used for their benefit. He further motivates them to show courage in any situation, no matter how difficult it may seem, assuring them never to abandon dream in times of difficulty.


Raziel is the Archangel of Mebahel. He will guide you through any situation and provide spiritual strength for all your endeavors. Raziel understands both the physical and spiritual worlds, helping you form a connection between them. The angel’s strength and protection will be felt even when times are tough, so don’t forget to call him for assistance.


Air is the element that Mebahel is associated with, encouraging his natives to explore their thoughts and ideas without limits. By calling upon the power of air, you can get in touch with your creativity and uncover new perspectives in life.


Hierarchical Color

Silver is the hierarchical color of Mebahel, offering a sense of clarity and understanding. By connecting with this color, you can gain insight into your current situation and see which steps need to be taken in order to reach your desired outcome.


Purple and Yellow are the colors of Mebahel, inspiring his natives to stand up against any form of injustice and strive for equality.


These colors also symbolize creativity, as they stimulate the mind and encourage you to think outside the box in order to come up with innovative ideas.



Amazonite, Aventurine, Hematite, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Pyrite


Planet Uranus and Venus are the planets associated with Mebahel, inspiring his natives to make beneficial decisions for their well-being.


By connecting with these two heavenly bodies, you can gain clarity and insight into any situation, allowing you to make informed decisions without hesitation.


Why should you call Mebahel?

Summoning Mebahel can provide protection in unjust situations and allows the truth to surface. Additionally, communicating with him can help develop your artistic skills in music, painting, and writing.

Why should you call Mebahel?

He is also a guardian angels who will gift you divine thoughts and moral strength. Mebahel will also encourage you to make wise decisions, which can bring harmony into your life.

Regardless of the situation, she is always ready to help and protect his natives. He brings balance and hopes into difficult times, allowing them to stay focused on their goals and strive for success. With his guidance, you can unlock your inner strength and gain the courage to move forward. So don’t hesitate—call on Mebahel for assistance today!

Angel Mebahel Provides

Altruism and unconditional love –Guardian angel Mebahel provides Altruism and love, embodying a true spirit of brotherhood and justice. He offers guidance and wisdom to those on the path of enlightenment, inspiring individuals to pursue their highest goals with courage and compassion.

Altruism and unconditional love

Mebahel is committed to bringing about equilibrium between all beings, creating a world where each soul is embraced by love.

The ability to help people who have lost hope and faith. – Guardian angel Mebahel can help innocent people who have lost hope and faith. He brings comfort and solace, offering strength and courage to those in despair.

The ability to help people who have lost hope and faith.

His unconditional love transcends the boundaries of judgment and fear, providing a safe space for understanding, healing, material and spiritual laws. His divine wisdom guides us to fill our lives with purpose, joy, and abundance.

Distancing from evil forces – Guardian angel Mebahel provides the power to distance ourselves from evil forces and lead a life of purity. He helps us recognize that every decision we make impacts our spiritual journey, steering us away from the darkness and towards the light. With his divine presence, we can lay the foundations for a life of righteousness, inner peace, and harmony with all forms of life.

Distancing from evil forces

Help in legal matters – Dear angel Mebahel provides help in legal issues, offering guidance and healing through the hardships of the justice system. He brings a good sense of calm and clarity to difficult situations, helping to bring about positive outcomes. With his divine presence, wisdom and protection, we can find resolution in even the most complex cases, allowing us to move on with our lives in natural order.

Help in legal matters

The strength to get out of a toxic relationship – Guardian angel Mebahel provides the strength and courage needed to get out of a bad relationship. He gives us the guidance and insight to make smart decisions, seeing us through our most challenging times.

The strength to get out of a toxic relationship

With his divine protection and strong impression, we can be confident to free ourselves from manipulative or unhealthy relationships – taking back control of our lives in pursuit of true happiness and fulfillment.

The truth during a trial – Guardian angel Mebahel provides the truth, shining a light on the facts that may be hidden in complex cases. He brings forward wisdom and clarity to expose any untruths, uncovering hidden evidence and providing insight when needed.

The truth during a trial

With his divine energy, we can find resolution in legal matters avoiding false testimony and waste time – achieving justice through truthful testimonies and fairer judgements.

What to ask Mebahel angel?

If you are in a relationship with someone who is trying to cause you harm or hurt you, do not hesitate to call upon Mebahel. His divine protection will keep you away from danger and unhealthy people.

What to ask Mebahel angel?

He also provides love and support that allows us to act justly, understanding the suffering of others. If more justice and compassion are needed, Mebahel can give us the strength to communicate our need for help and offer support.

How to call Guardian Angel Mebahel?

To align with your guardian angel, Mebahel, and to benefit from her regency hours, please recite the prayer during particular days of the year: January 22nd, April 3rd, June 17th, August 31st or November 11th, between 04:20-04:40. Invoke these powerful energies by burning a special sandalwood incense while you pray.

How to call Guardian Angel Mebahel?
Burning aromatic incense stick for yoga meditation and relaxing on wooden minimalistic background. Aromatherapy smoke.


Who is Mebahel?

Mebahel is a guardian angel in the Judeo-Christian tradition, serving as a protector and bringer of justice.

What powers does Mebahel have?

Mebahel has the power to protect from danger, provide unconditional love and support, help to understand suffering of others and provide strength to communicate our needs for help.

Is there any other way to invoke Mebahel’s protection?

Yes. You can chant his prayer during the regency hours to invoke his protection and assistance.

What are the benefits of having an angel like Mebahel by my side?

Having a guardian angel like Mebahel can offer comfort in times of distress; they serve as loving guides that will help protect you from harm and assist in understanding difficult situations so that you may act justly with compassion for those around you.


Guardian Angel Mebahel provides a daily dose of strength and unconditional love and is not afraid to help anyone restore their dream and faith. If you need a guardian angel that will offer a kind word, an understanding heart, and an unending source of courage – call on Mebahel.

No matter the hour or situation, they’ll be there for you with open arms, ready to listen and help turn your world around. They have dedicated themselves to sharing the purpose of their existence with those who seek it out – assisting others in experiencing the power of altruism and kindness.

With their benevolent nature, wisdom, and insight by your side, you can become free from all doubts, fears, and despair. The possibilities are endless when we commit ourselves to open our hearts – call on Mebahel today!


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