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Guardian Angel Mehiel: Symbol Of Inspiration And Creativity

Are you feeling a bit uninspired recently? Trying to find motivation in your day-to-day life or looking for something special to sets your mind alight with creativity? Look no further than Guardian Angel Mehiel – means the perfect symbol of inspiration.

Adorned by the governor, homeowners, and business owners alike, with many relying on her for creative guidance through difficult times, embracing Mehiel into their lives can be just what we all need to add a unique touch of passion and purpose.

Read on this page as I discuss how he fits your needs as a person or even a CEO–and ultimately, why it should be added to any living space!

Who Is Guardian Angel Mehiel?

Mehiel is the guardian angel assigned to protect those born between 5th and 9th of February, whose zodiac sign is Aquarius. He is a creative spirit and works with his proteges to ensure that their artistic skills are used in writing and editing.

Guardian Angel Mehiel
An angel in mystic forest,3d illustration

His influence helps Aquarius natives express themselves with more clarity and confidence while also protecting them from outside influences such as hypocrisy.

To learn more about how he can work with you, it’s worth understanding what qualities are associated with his name and strive to embody them in pursuit of your goals. As a protector angel of creativity, curating a lifestyle where you nurture your inner voice will bring Mehiel closer to support you in the present.

The Characteristics Of Mehiel Guardian Angel

Mehiel encourages creativity and expression, from writing to painting and everything else. His energy is never-ending, and he has an eye for detail that can help you draw out your best efforts. He also provides strength and protection against negative influences or temptations while serving as a source of inner peace.

The Characteristics Of Mehiel Guardian Angel

Virtues And Powers

Intelligence – is a wise angel and has great knowledge of the spiritual realm. He can effortlessly understand complex concepts and help you to comprehend them too.

Virtues And Powers

Angelic Choir

The Principalities, bearers of beauty and harmony, are the angels of Mehiel. They provide grace and beauty to all who receive it.

Angelic Choir


Yesod is the power of Mehiel’s sefirot. It represents the foundation of all creative works and projects, allowing you to access your innermost ideas easily.

The sefirots are ten creative powers of Kabbale. The Kabbalah tree manifests God’s creative energy, with each Sefirot symbolizing an emanation of this power.


Raphael, the protector of relationships and healer of the heart, is Mehiel’s archangel. He provides guidance and support in how to develop relationships with others, as well as offers comfort during times of difficulty.



Air is the element of Mehiel, signifying the constant flow of ideas and expression.

Hierarchical Color



Green and Pink


Ambre, Alexandrite, Jet, Chalcedony, Chrysolite, Carnelian, Amazonite, Obsidian


Mercury and Moon

Why should you call Mehiel?

Why should you call Mehiel, the angel of simulation and exaltation? It is the perfect solution when you feel mentally or physically exhausted – he will completely rejuvenate your mind, allowing you to find more motivation.

Why should you call Mehiel?

His presence can awaken your creativity, making it easier for you to search for solutions. He also connects you with your innermost senses and emotions to discover a successful path.

Mehiel protects from external obstacles that could impede progress – even more so if they stem from people who have malicious intentions toward you. With Mehiel’s help, success is well within reach.

Angel Mehiel Provides

Inspiration -Many people look to their guardian angel for guidance, strength, and inspiration. Mehiel is one such angel believed to provide a channel of communication between individuals and the divine. With an emphasis on healing and love, Mehiel can be called upon to bring inner peace, positivity, and mental clarity.


Through Mehiel’s loving presence, one can learn to find courage in difficult times and trust in the future. Additionally, this guardian angel provides energetic protection from negative influences that may affect one’s life.

A vivid life – Mehiel, the guardian angel, is a powerful source of inspiration and guidance that can help lead to a more vivid life’s. By connecting with this heavenly being, individuals can experience feelings of joy and contentment, as well as an increase in creative ability and productivity.

A vivid life

An impressive mental ability – the guardian angel, is believed to provide immense mental and spiritual benefits. Individuals can access an impressive range of cognitive skills by connecting with this divine being. This includes increased creativity, insight into decision-making processes, and enhanced focus and clarity.

An impressive mental ability

A balance between feelings and thoughts – the guardian angel, seeks to balance feelings and thoughts. By connecting with this divine being, individuals can achieve inner harmony that allows them to respond to life events in an emotionally balanced way. Furthermore, tapping into the power of Mehiel’s energy can help one better understand their emotions and constructively process them.

A balance between feelings and thoughts

What to ask, angel Mehiel?

Invoking the angel Mehiel can help you find a perfect balance between your body and mind when you are feeling tired and run down. He is an efficient benefactor that can help re-energize you mentally and physically quickly.

What to ask, angel Mehiel?

What’s more, he can be called upon to provide creative inspiration in the form of literary enlightenment. If you want to fill your reading list with captivating books, benefit from new ideas for readings or writing projects, or seek new sources of knowledge, then call upon Mehiel as a source of light and strength like CEO. He is the perfect angel for unlocking all these elements and more.

How to call Guardian Angel Mehiel?

Every Guardian Angel has specific days and hours in which they can be contacted; this is especially true with Mehiel, the Guardian Angel of Balance. For Mehiel, these are the 12th of March, 24th and 25th of May, 8th of August, 20th of October, and 31stof December between 9 PM to 9:20 PM. Whilst respecting these predetermined moments, there a few extra steps that can take to maximize your chances of communicating with your guardian angel.

How to call Guardian Angel Mehiel?

Firstly, you should use mastic and myrrh incense whilst saying a special prayer that calls out Mehiel’s name. The power of the spoken word is strong, and it will help you form a connection with Mehiel, from where you can listen for his guidance through meditation or dreams. Remember that if you are patient and consistent in your efforts, you will eventually hear his responses when you order call upon him.


What kind of mental abilities does guardian angel Mehiel provide?

Guardian angel Mehiel provides enhanced creativity, insight into decision-making processes and increased focus and clarity. Additionally, it offers home protection from negative energy which can help one to move through with a sense of inner peace and self-confidence.

How can I benefit from the power of guardian angel Mehiel?

By connecting with the energy of this divine being, individuals can gain access to an impressive range of mental abilities that will allow them to respond to events in an emotionally balanced way and have clarity on decisions that need to be made.

How can I maintain my connection with guardian angel Mehiel?

To maintain your connection with guardian angel Mehiel it is important to dedicate time each day towards connecting with this being spiritually – such as through house prayer or meditation – as well as express gratitude for the blessings received throughout your journey thus far.


In this post we got to know who Guardian Angel Mehiel is and what are some of his characteristics. We hope that after reading this post you have felt inspired and motivated to be creative in your own.

If you would like to know more about Guardian Angels, in years or if you would like to request a specific angel’s guidance, please do not hesitate to All us. Thank you for reading!


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