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Guardian Angel Mitzrael: That Fights Against Persecution

Are you looking for a guardian angel? An entity with your back and ready to confront any unfairness or injustice that might come your way? If so, then look no further than Guardian Angel Mitzrael.

This powerful being has been protecting victims of persecution worldwide for centuries, ensuring they have access to justice and a fair shot at life.

Get to know this fantastic celestial guardian angel helps in our blog post today – learn what makes them tick and just how far they’re willing to go when it comes to defending those in need and with human intentions!

Who Is Guardian Angel Mitzrael?

He is a male angel associated with authority and freedom who guards those people born between 16th and 20th January. As the 60th of 72 guardian angels, those born under his influence are known to be energetic in spirit, great communicators, great talent, beautiful qualities, and capable of admitting when they’re wrong.

Guardian Angel Mitzrael

Mitzrael’s role is to bring calm in conflict situations and grant people the sense of lightness they seek even when undergoing persecution. His presence symbolizes admiration for hierarchy and also offers deliverance to those subject to it. To know more about Mitzrael’s powers and how to speak and request help from him properly, visit this page!

Mitzrael is the figure of freedom and hope for those who experience oppression. He stands for perseverance, courage, and solace in times of tragedy or injustice. His name means “God Who Consoles the Oppressed”—an appropriate definition considering his role in guiding oppressed people along their paths to freedom.

He not only protects them against danger but helps to empower them as well by turning persecuted individuals into respected members of society. In addition to protecting against harm, Mitzrael symbolizes detachment and provides great comfort during difficult times filled with sorrow and injury. By perfect understanding his meaning, one can appreciate the true impact of such a powerful figure.

The Characteristics Of Mitzrael Guardian Angel

Mitzrael Angel is known for his strength, courage and unwavering passion. He works daily to fight against persecution and injustice in all its forms. His resilience ensures that no matter the odds, he will always be there to protect those in need of aid.

The Characteristics Of Mitzrael Guardian Angel

His Virtues And Powers

Intelligence – Mitzrael is a very intelligent angel with the wisdom, knowledge, and insight needed to help those in need. He can effectively strategize against his enemies and devise creative solutions to any problem he may face.


Health – Mitzrael’s health and physical strength are unparalleled. His divine power allows him to persevere in any situation, no matter how difficult.


Healing – Mitzrael angel can heal those injured or suffering in any way, such as chronic fatigue, or mental illness. He can also help them overcome their struggles and provide peace and comfort.


Work – Mitzrael is very hard-working and dedicated to his mission of fighting against injustice and intellectual work. He always puts the needs of those he’s helping above his own and will never give up until justice has been served.


Karma – Mitzrael always believes in the power of karma and will ensure that those who oppress others receive justice for their misdeeds. He stands for equality and fairness and works to ensure everyone has the same opportunities in life.


Angelic Choir

The Archangels are the bearers of knowledge and truth. They are the guardians of those in need and protectors of justice. Mitzrael is an integral member of the angelic choir, offering his unique skills and abilities to help make a difference in this world. Angelic energies work tirelessly to ensure that no one ever has to suffer alone or face discrimination or injustice due to their beliefs!


Hod, which means glory and splendor, is the sefirot associated with Mitzrael. This indicates that his divine mission is to bring glory and honor to those he helps. He works to restore faith in humanity and provide hope for a better future for all.


Micael, head of the heavenly armies Hod, Glory and Splendor, is the Archangel associated with Mitzrael. This indicates that his mission is to bring glory and honor to those he helps. He works tirelessly to restore faith in humanity and provide hope for a better future for all.



Earth is the element associated with Mitzrael, symbolizing his ability to bring stability and order amidst chaos. He is a source of comfort and security for oppressed and helpless people. His strength provides an anchor in times of need.


Hierarchical Color






Alexandrite, Chalcedony, Chrysolite, Amazonite, Amber, Carnelian, Jet and Obsidian



Mercury and Mars

Why should you call Mitzrael?

It would be wise to call upon the angel Mitzrael for help with any issues related to authority. Not only is Mitzrael the angel of freedom, but he can also ensure that your future is peaceful.

Why should you call Mitzrael?

He will assist you in staying true to both others and yourself; this makes him a strong ally in any challenge or difficulty. It would be especially sensible to summon Mitzrael if you have an upcoming exam; he is known as the “angel of memory”.

And can teach you how to stay organized, precise, and thorough – great exam attributes! Calling on Mitzrael is sure to increase your chances of success in any endeavor by granting you access to his angelic aid.

Angel Mitzrael Provides

Angel Mitzrael is a powerful protector of freedom and justice, providing hope to those who have been oppressed or wronged. His gift of wisdom and strength helps instill faith in the divine order’s power.

With his unwavering dedication to helping those in need, Mitzrael ensures that all will experience the peace and love that comes from living in a world of justice and fairness. Guardian angel Mitzrael provides:

Understanding of authority and obedience – In his teachings, Angel Mitzrael emphasizes respecting authority figures such as parents, teachers, and leaders.

Understanding of authority and obedience

He believes that by submitting to their guidance, we can learn valuable lessons that will help us grow into responsible adults. Moreover, he stresses that following rules and regulations set by authorities help maintain order in society with the third phase.

Angel Mitzrael also highlights the importance of obedience as a virtue. He explains that obedience is not just blindly following orders but understanding their purpose and complying with them willingly.

This willingness to obey demonstrates respect toward authority figures and maturity in decision-making.

Angel Mitzrael’s teachings explain how authority and obedience are indispensable in shaping our character. Understanding these concepts can lead to a more fulfilling life while contributing positively to society.

Freedom – Angel Mitzrael teaches that true freedom comes from leading a fulfilling life. He believes that by pursuing our passions and finding purpose in our actions, we can experience a sense of liberating character beyond external circumstances. This internal sense of fulfillment ultimately leads to a life of true freedom in the final part.


Comfort when confronting a problem – Mitzrael can help you face difficulties in life with strength and courage, leading to a sense of peace and security. Finding comfort when confronting a problem requires acceptance, self-care, support systems, and perspective shifts.

Comfort when confronting a problem

By implementing these tools into your life, you can approach problems more easily and confidently while maintaining your mental illnesses and well-being.

Simplicity in life – Mitzrael encourages a simple lifestyle, free of materialistic desires and attachments. Embracing simplicity in life involves decluttering, practicing mindfulness, prioritizing tasks, and expressing gratitude for the simple things.

Simplicity in life

By implementing these practices into your daily routine, you can reduce stress levels and find greater peace and contentment in life.

What to ask angel Mitzrael?

Everyone faces difficult moments in life, and when it feels like your mistakes are just too much to keep up with, turn to your dear guardian angel Mitzrael. This benevolent angel can help you overcome a mistake’s trappings and instead use the experience to make your future even brighter.

Whether you’re facing an important test, trial or exam, Mitzrael is here to accompany you on your path to success. He has the light and knowledge to adjust intellectual capacities so that you make the right decisions.

What to ask angel Mitzrael?

But not only does he help you with questions of understanding, he also lends a helpful hand when it comes to discussions between superiors in both professional or familial settings.

Whatever problem you’re struggling with today, Mitzrael can offer insights so everyone involved can grow and improve together. All these qualities make him a valuable guardian angel when it comes time for complex decisions in life – so don’t be afraid to ask!

How to call Guardian Mitzrael?

If you are seeking the support of your guardian angel Mitzrael, it’s important to know his days and regency hours. According to ancient wisdom, Mitzrael can be contacted on 8th March, 20th May, 21st May, 4th August, 17th October, and 27th December between 19:40 and 20:00. If you want to connect with him, call out his name with a prayer accompanied by mastic and nutmeg incense.

How to call Guardian Mitzrael?

The scent helps to open your spiritual senses and activate the divine realm in which angels reside. Use this opportunity to invite the bright guidance of Mitzrael into your life – he is here to assist you on your unique journey!


How can I recognize when my guardian angel is near me?

When your guardian angel is near you, certain signs may indicate their presence such as feeling an intense sense of peace or pure joy, witnessing flashes of light or colors out of the corner of your eye, experiencing waves of warmth when you meditate, and finding feathers appearing unexpectedly in strange places.

Is it possible to receive messages from my guardian angel?

Yes – it is possible to receive messages from your guardian angel! These messages may come in various forms including dreams, symbols, repetitive numbers or even fleeting thoughts suddenly entering into your awareness. Pay attention to these subtle signs – they often contain personal insight or wisdom that can benefit you during difficult times.


If you are ever feeling lost, confused, or helpless, remember that you have Guardian Angel Mitzrael by your side. Mitzrael is always ready and willing to help those in need, providing guidance and support through difficult times.

So if you find yourself persecuted or feeling alone, never hesitate to call on Mitzrael for assistance. Your guardian angel will fight against any odds to ensure that you receive the help and protection you deserve.


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