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September 17 Zodiac Sign Full Horoscope And Personality

Are you curious to know what September 17 zodiac sign full horoscope and personality holds in store for you? This post will explore the unique characteristics of those born under the Virgo sun sign.

Read on to learn more about what makes Virgos tick and what you can expect from your personal astrology reading for September 17. Trust us; you’re in for a treat!

September 17 Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Virgos are typically known for their level-headed and practical nature. Virgos, born on September 17th, embody these traits but also possess an amicable and optimistic outlook that makes them good leaders and motivators.

Zodiac Sign Virgo

They are quick to forgive but never forget a transgression. Virgo values loyalty above all else and often goes out of their way to help a friend in need. However, Virgo zodiac signs can also be quite hard on themselves, expecting perfection in all that they do.

This can sometimes lead to feelings of frustration or dissatisfaction. Virgos are reliable and honest people who always see the best in others.

September 17 Element: Earth

Earth is an element that governs the lives of who engage with life with all of their five senses and are often at peace with themselves. Earth, as an element, is modeled by water and fire. Fire is Earth’s representative in the sky, while water is Earth’s representative on Earth.

Element Earth

The Earth is the only element that can be present in both states. This shows that Earth is the only element that can govern all aspects of life. Earth is also the element of fertility and growth. This is why Earth signs are often associated with being warm and nurturing.

Earth signs are also said to be practical and down to Earth. They are often good at money matters and stability. If you have ever met someone who you felt was “rooted” or “grounded,” chances are they had strong Earth energy in their chart.

September 17 Zodiac Quality: Mutable

Mutable signs are also known for their adaptability and flexibility. Those with strong mutable energy in their charts can often “go with the flow” and roll with the punches. Mutable signs are also said to be good at multitasking and handling charge.


If you know someone who is always changing their hair color, style, or job, they probably have strong mutable energy in their chart. Mutable signs are also said to see both sides of every issue. This makes them good mediators and diplomats.

September 17 Planetary Influence: Mercury

Mercury is a small, rocky planet that is closest to the sun. Mercury is an important planet for astrology because it represents the mind and communications. Mercury is also associated with commerce, travel, and transportation.

Planet Mercury governs the immediate environment of neighbors. Mercury is also suggestive of the conservationism component of these personalities. Mercury people are known for their intelligence, wit, and ability to think on their feet.

Planet Mercury

Mercury people are also known for being adaptable and resourceful. Mercury people are good at multitasking and excel at problem-solving. Mercury people are excellent communicators and are known for their eloquence. Mercury people are also known for being persuasive and charming.

September 17 House: The Sixth House

The sixth house is ruled bythe zodiac sign Virgo, and this sign is known for its practicality, service, and care for the body. This indicates that Virgos is likely interested in areas like health care, fitness, and nutrition.

Additionally, Virgos tend to have a realistic and practical perspective on life. This helps them to approach challenges logically and efficiently. However, it can also lead them to be overly critical of themselves and others. Ultimately, the sixth house symbolizes Virgo’s need for order and practicality in their lives.

September 17 Zodiac Symbol: Maiden

There is something special about those born under the sign of Virgo and the Maiden astrological symbol. These individuals are often seen as pure and innocent, with great knowledge. They are able to see the world clearly and have a strong connection to nature.

zodiac symbol maiden

The Maiden is a symbol of new beginnings, providing those born under Virgo with a sense of hope and possibility. An air of mystery surrounds the Maiden, making her an intriguing figure. For those born under Virgo, the Maiden is a source of inspiration and courage. She reminds us that we are always capable of starting fresh and creating something beautiful in our lives.

September 17 Zodiac Compatibility: Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, and Cancer

If you are born on September 17, your zodiac sign is Virgo, and you are most compatible with fellow earth signs Capricorn and Taurus. These signs share Virgo’s love of stability and security.

Zodiac Compatibility

Virgo And Scorpio

Scorpio and Virgo make a passionate and intense pair. They are both trustworthy and encouraging to one another, and they have similar views on life. Scorpio is attracted to Virgo’s diligence and dedication, while Virgo is drawn to Scorpio’s enthusiasm and fire.

Virgo And Capricorn

Capricorn and Virgo are two signs that have more in common when it comes to life perspectives and value systems. They are both hardworking and dedicated, with high regard for one another. Capricorns are attracted to Virgos’ attention to detail, while Virgos are attracted to Capricorns’ drive and ambition.

Virgo And Taurus

Zodiac signs Taurus and Virgo are naturally attracted to each other because they hold the same values. For example, they both work ethically hard and have their priorities straight. Furthermore, They frequently CSS respect for one another, which strengthens the relationship. Particularly, Taurus is impressed with Virgo tendency’s ability to remember small details, while Virgin enjoys Taurus’ unwavering loyalty and reliability.

Virgo And Cancer

According to astrology, Cancer and Virgo signs are a match made in heaven because they have compatible life views. They find relief in knowing their partner is just as committed as they are, whether it’s to family or work. What Cancer sees as diligence, Virgo finds excitement in; what Virgo believes is fervor, Cancer experiences as profound love.

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September 17 Birthday: Love Life And Relationships

Virgo’s love life is all about finding stability and security. They want a reliable and honest partner, with similar values to their own. Virgos are often attracted to earth signs like themselves, as they share a common perspective on life.

Love Life And Relationships

Regarding relationships, Virgos are looking for something long-term and meaningful. They want a partner they can depend on and who will be there for them through thick and thin. Virgos are loyal and reliable partners and expect the same in return.

Virgos can sometimes be critical of their partners, but it is only because they want to help them improve. They are also very giving and selfless, always putting their partner’s needs first. If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with a Virgo, you will find yourself loved and cherished unconditionally.

September 17 Birthday: Career And Money

Virgo’s career horoscope reveals that they are hardworking and dedicated employees. They are often drawn to careers that allow them to help others, such as teaching, medicine, or social work. Virgos are also attracted to jobs that offer security and stability, such as government positions or financial jobs.

Virgos are usually good with money, as they are careful and thrifty with their spending. They have a tendency to save rather than spend, which can sometimes put them at odds with their more impulsive partners. Virgos are also generous with their time and resources, always willing to help those in need.

September 17 Birthday: Personal Growth And Spirituality

Virgo’s personal growth horoscope reveals that they are always striving to improve themselves. They are constantly setting new goals and working hard to achieve them. Virgos also have a strong sense of duty and responsibility and they take their commitments very seriously.

Personal Growth And Spirituality

When it comes to spirituality, Virgos are drawn to practices that focus on personal growth and self-improvement. They are often drawn to meditation and yoga, as they believe these practices can help them to connect with their higher selves. Virgos are also interested in anything that can help them better understand themselves and the world around them.

September 17 Birthday: Birthstone And Lucky Numbers

Virgos’ birthstone is the sapphire. Sapphires deserve their reputation for their beauty and durability. They are also associated with knowledge and truth.


September 17 Virgos lucky numbers are 1, 8, 13, 14, and 24 with luck. These numbers are said to bring good fortune and energy into your life.

September 17 Birthday: Beauty And Social Qualities

Virgos are attracted to natural beauty. They prefer simple, understated looks that highlight their own natural beauty. Virgos are also attracted to people who are intelligent and down-to-earth. They are drawn to those who share their values and have a similar outlook on life.

In social situations, Virgos can be shy and introverted. They prefer to observe and listen rather than jump into the fray. Virgos are also very loyal friends and will always be there for those they care about.

September 17 Birthday: Overall Personality

Virgos are hardworking and dedicated people. They always strive to improve themselves and take their commitments very seriously. Virgos are also intelligent and down-to-earth, with a strong sense of duty and responsibility.

In relationships, Virgos are looking for something long-term and meaningful. They want a partner they can depend on and who will be there for them through thick and thin. If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with a Virgo, you will find yourself loved and cherished unconditionally.

Positive Personality Traits

Virgo is an earth sign, and those born under this banner are known for their hard work, practicality, and sensible nature. Of all the signs in the zodiac, Virgo is perhaps the most level-headed and able to see both sides of any issue. This sign is not one to act impulsively or make decisions without first considering all the facts.

Virgos are also known for their perfectionism and attention to detail. This can sometimes be seen as a negative trait, but it also means that Virgos are usually very good at what they set out to do. They will work tirelessly until they get it right, and this dedication is something that should be admired.

This ability, combined with their practical nature, makes Virgos excellent problem-solvers. Virgos generally are calm, patient, and reliable people who always aim to do their best. These positive traits make them great friends, partners, and employees.

Personality Weaknesses

While Virgos can be commendable for their practicality, hard work, and analytical skills, they are not without their personality weaknesses. One such weakness is that Virgos can be quite unforgiving. If you have ever wronged a Virgo, no matter how long ago it may have been, don’t expect them to forget or forgive easily.

They often hold grudges and will bring up past transgressions even years later. Another one of Virgo’s negative traits is that they are very detail-oriented to the point of being obsessive. When they set their sights on something, they will scrutinize every last detail.

And while they are quick to judge others for their mistakes, they often try to hide or downplay their own faults. Combined, these flaws can make Virgos seem critical, judgmental, and difficult to please. However, if you can look past these Personality Weaknesses, you will find that Virgos can be loyal friends and reliable allies.


What is the Virgo personality type?

The Virgo personality type is hardworking, practical, and detail-oriented. Virgos always strive to improve themselves and take their commitments very seriously. They are also intelligent and down-to-earth, with a strong sense of duty and responsibility.

Who are famous people born on September 17?

Here are some of the famous people celebrating birthdays every September 17, including Actress Cassandra Peterson, Director Paul Feig, Director Baz Luhrmann, TV personality Joe Bastianich, Actress Danielle Brooks, and Actress Denyse Tontz.


All Virgos are unique, but they share some common personality traits. They are analytical, efficient, and perfectionists. They have sense of duty and like to help others. September 17th zodiac sign individuals are also versatile and adaptable, making them great problem-solvers. If you’re looking for somebody who is reliable and practical, look no further than a Virgo! Do you know your horoscope?


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