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Guardian Angel Sitael: Responsibility And Power

Are you looking to tap into a greater sense of power and responsibility in your life? If so, Guardian Angel Sitael may be the perfect companion for you from God.

In mythology, the Sitael is believed to be a powerful source of protections and security. This guide will explain how embodying this archetype can empower us in our own lives to take on more responsibility and make conscious choices – so that we live a happier, more balanced life in this world.

Read on to learn more about Guardian Sitael and what role it plays when it comes to taking control of your life, wealth, right decisions, and destiny!

Who Is Guardian Angel Sitael?

Sitael means God hope, a mighty male angel under the sign of Aries, representing the element of fire. Natives of Sitael are given great power and responsibilities, and they often seek out spiritual enlightenment or insight to make decisions in their lives.


His energy sources include Neptune and Jupiter, and he is the symbol of achievement and hope. People born between March 31 and April 4 can call Guardian Angel Sitael for assistance in finding the right path and achieving their ultimate goal.

He can provide strength the moment when faced with adversity and guidance to help uncover the truth. By working with this guardian angel, one can have unlimited potential for growth and transformation.

The Characteristics Of Sitael Guardian Angel

The Characteristics Of Sitael Guardian Angel

Virtues And Powers

Love – Guardian Angel Sitael is a potent source of unconditional love and acceptance. He helps us stay open-hearted and recognize our worth so that we can give and receive quality love more quickly.


Knowledge and Premonitions – This angel can provide us with knowledge and insight when making decisions and suspicions about the future. Guardian Angel Sitael will also assist in our growth and help us find clarity, truth, qualities, and to understand during challenging moments.

Knowledge and Premonitions

Responsibility – By embodying the characteristics of Guardian Angel Sitael, we can practice taking responsibility for our actions and decisions. This will help us live with beauty, integrity and self-respect.


Angelic Choir

The Seraphims are a high order of angels whose primary purpose is to purify and protect. They are said to be closest to the divine presence, as it is their duty to carry God’s commands and will direct to us. The Seraphims have been described as beings with wings and many eyes — their vision being one of great discernment and clarity.


In the Kabbalah, Keter and Binah are two fundamental aspects of divine power. Keter is associated with the highest level of spiritual awareness, often referred to as “the Crown” or “the Will of God”. It is the source of all potential and manifests through the act of creation at its highest level.

Binah on the other hand is associated with understanding and intelligence. Combining both Keter and Binah creates a powerful force that can help manifest intentions in reality and open us up to insight from wisdom beyond our mental capacity. Through their balanced combination, we can tap into higher realms of consciousness.


Metatron is the most powerful archangel and is said to be one of the closest beings to God. He is known as “the Voice of The Lord” and acts as a bridge between Heaven and Earth, allowing divine messages to flow through him. Metatron presides over the heavenly realms, serving as a messenger delivering God’s word to humanity.

Archangel Metatron


Fire – the element of transformation, passion, and creativity. It gives us the courage to take risks and can help us break through any obstacles or limitations. Fire energy cleanses our emotions and helps us stay focused on what matters in life.


Hierarchical Color

Gold is believed that certain colors have a powerful spiritual significance and can evoke certain energies, feelings, and vibrations. Gold is associated with illumination, wisdom, enlightenment, understanding, protection, and success. It promotes divine energy and can help bring clarity and insight during times of difficulty.



Violet & Purple


Amethyst, Jade, Aquamarine, Fluorite, Labradorite, Opal, Zircon, Turquoise.



Neptune & Jupiter

Why should you call Sitael?

Sitael, the archangel of courage and strength, is often called upon to provide protection from bad powers and help those in need become stronger and more courageous. He is a guardian angel who can guide us on our journey to self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Why should you call Sitael?

Through prayer, with Sitael means we gain greater insight into our innermost selves and uncover hidden aspects of ourselves that may have been forgotten throughout the years.

Sitael’s presence in the world helps bring clarity and optimism to those who seek it, enabling them to reconnect with their true purpose in life and reclaim their desire.

Angel Sitael Provides

Angels Sitael Provides

Protection against evil powers.

Angel Sitael is a powerful spiritual guardian and protector of the heavenly realm who provides protection against the evil power. He has been known to use his strength and courage to guide those in need and help them find their inner courage, wisdom, clarity, and optimism.

Protection against evil powers.

With his support, one can gain access to greater insight into their self-discovery journey and tap into their deepest truths.

Bravery and strength to carry out responsibilities.

Sitael is the angel of strength and bravery, providing us with courage and perseverance to tackle whatever comes our way.

Bravery and strength to carry out responsibilities

With his support, even the most challenging tasks seem within reach. With faith in Sitael’s power, we can face many things life’s obstacles with determination and assurance that we can overcome them.

Faith and greater spirituality.

Angel Sitael is a powerful spiritual guardian who provides guidance and strength to those in need. He encourages us to connect more deeply with our spirituality and faith, helping us to build a stronger trust in ourselves and the divine energies around us.

Faith and greater spirituality.

His healing presence helps lift away any limiting beliefs we may have and brings forth greater insight into our true selves, giving us courage and optimism for the journey ahead.


Angel Sitael is a powerful spiritual guardian who helps to provide self-knowledge and understanding of our true selves.


He aids in our spiritual growth and evolution by assisting us in connecting with our inner truths, allowing us to break through any limiting beliefs and uncover our deepest desires. By working with his energy, we gain courage and clarity to make positive changes in our lives.

Enhanced optimism

Angel Sitael is a powerful spirit guardian who encourages and enhances optimism in our lives. He helps to clear away any limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving our ultimate goal, while providing optimistic dreams in life.

Enhanced optimism

His uplifting presence brings forth confidence and encouragement so that we can believe in ourselves and strive towards greater success.

What questions are open to the angel Sitael?

Angel Sitael is a powerful spirit guide who can offer assistance in many areas of life. From helping you to obtain a position with great responsibility, make the correct decisions, and achieve high qualifications in the scientific field, to building your home and preparing for your future – Angel Sitael will provide guidance and insight to help you succeed.

What questions are open to the angels Sitael?

He can even help you improve social relationships by uncovering lies and betrayals that may be hidden from you. With God given Angels assistance, you can take control of your life and move forward confidently with development, blessings and success!

How to call Guardian Angel Sitael?

Angel Sitael is available to answer your questions and offer assistance on the 23rd of March, 5 of June, 19 of August, 31 of October, and 11 of January between 00:40 and 01:00. To best connect with him during these times, you can say his prayer while burning Benzoin incense.

How to call Guardian Angels Sitael?

This will help open a channel for communication that can lead you to discover the greater spiritual understanding and enlightenment. Asking Angel Sitael for guidance can bring universe peace, clarity and insight into all areas of your life – allowing you to move forward confidently and take control!


What is Angel Sitael’s purpose?

Angel Sitael is a guardian angel whose purpose is to bring peace, clarity and insight. He can provide guidance on any area of your life such as love, relationships, career, money, and spiritual growth.

How do I communicate with my guardian angel Sitael?

To communicate with Angel Sitael, you can pray or meditate and ask for his assistance and guidance. You can also set aside time to be mindful and listen carefully to the subtle signs that he may send to you.


In conclusion, Guardian Angel Sitael is an incredibly important and powerful presence in our lives. Although Sitael rarely appears to us directly, their responsibilities are many and we should be aware of their potential impact on our life journey.

It is essential to pay attention to the guidance they provide us and take into account the characteristics of trustworthiness, devotion, power and protection that this angel offers us.

All of this makes Guardian Angel Sitael a truly indispensable part of spiritual evolution- an angelic force that we should not overlook!


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