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Guardian Angel Vasariah: Symbol Of Justice And Generosity

Are you searching for a reminder to help bring justice and generosity into your life? Look no further than Guardian Angel Vasariah! Believed by many to be an inter dimensional being, Guardian Angel Vasariah is considered to be a symbol of fair justice and generosity.

From providing clarity during times of hardship or confusion to reminding us that compassion comes before all else, this guardian angel has become the perfect companion for believers worldwide.

Who Is Guardian Angel Vasariah?

Guardian Angel Vasariah is an angelic leader and messenger of a righteous God known for her justice and generosity qualities. Her guardian angel’s name means “Just God, ” reflecting the benevolence and insights she can bring to those people born between August 29 and September 2 under Virgo’s sign.

Guardian Angel Vasariah

Her natives are blessed with a heightened intuition which they trust to guide them in life as well as an optimistic outlook that often serves them well. They are also incredibly generous people, using their deep understanding of emotions to ensure that everyone’s needs are catered to in exchanges and communication.

If Vasariah has granted you protection, and great wisdom, explore the guardian angel’s qualities further to ensure a more deeply connected relationship.

The Characteristics Of Vasariah Guardian Angel

One of the most powerful characteristics that Guardian Angel Vasariah has is her all-encompassing justice. A deeply compassionate angel, she brings balance to situations and encourages individuals to find ways to be fair in everything they do.

The Characteristics Of Vasariah Guardian Angel

Virtues And Powers

Justice – Guardian Angel Vasariah is an angel of justice and will always strive to ensure that fairness and equality are upheld in all matters.

Virtues And Powers

Generosity – Not only does this guardian angel bring justice, but she also encourages us to be generous with our time and resources. She reminds us that helping others can make a real difference.


Compassion – Vasariah encourages us to show compassion and understanding in all our interactions. She believes that we can create a better world for everyone by taking the time to understand someone else’s perspective and avoid harmful intentions.



Earth Element






Sodalite, Diamond, Azurite, Ruby, Smoky Quartz, Blue Topaz, Zircon


Jupiter – The planet associated with this guardian angel is Jupiter, which reflects her power and strength. She encourages us to trust our instincts and to use them to make positive decisions.


Moon – The moon is also associated with Vasariah, reflecting her ability to bring balance and harmony to any situation.


Angelic Choir



Zadkiel – The archangel associated with Vasariah is Zadkiel, who encourages us to be patient and understanding in all our interactions. He also gives us the power of understanding, helping us listen deeply and think holistically.



Hesed – The Sefirot associated with Guardian Angel Vasariah is Hesed, which represents kindness and mercy. She encourages us to be kind and generous in all our dealings, and reminds us of the importance of forgiveness.

Why should you call Vasariah?

Your guardian angel Vasariah encourages you to respect and understand the needs of those around you. Your special gift for eloquent speech means you will always be able to easily recall the details and express yourself in ways that can create positive atmospheres.

Why should you call Vasariah?

Additionally, this talkative nature means you are slow to judge others harshly; your inclination is to dig deep into another person’s story, understand why something has come about, and justly apportion responsibility – something that can prove incredibly rewarding.

Angel Vasariah Provides

By calling upon Guardian Angel Vasariah, you can receive protection, comfort, and guidance. She will help you stay grounded and connected to the physical world while clarifying difficult decisions and find solutions.

Justice for all – Guardian Angel Vasariah seeks to ensure fair justice is served to all.

Justice for all

Compassion and understanding – Vasariah encourages us to show compassion and understanding in all our interactions.

Compassion and understanding

Generosity and kindness – She reminds us to be generous with our time and resources and practice kindness in all we do.

Generosity and kindness

Grounding presence – Her grounding presence reminds us to stay connected to the physical world and to use our intuition to make decisions.

Grounding presence

What to ask angel Vasariah?

If you’re overwhelmed by negative emotions like regret, guilt, or shame, don’t hesitate to call the angel Vasariah for help. She can help you shift away from feelings of remorse and onto the path of honesty and generous sensitivity.

She is a guide to improved concentration for good memory-related issues, seductive expression, such as frequent forgetfulness or inattention. What’s more, for those struggling with verbal expression, especially if it relates to your career in communication, Vasariah can guide you with good verbal expression.

Her celestial powers act on the throat and vocal codes to ensure that your speech is eloquent and meaningful. Don’t be afraid to ask her for advice–visionary Vasariah will guide you down the right path!

How to call Guardian Angel Vasariah?

For spiritual practitioners, communication with one’s Guardian Angel is an important part of their practice. Vasariah, the ruler of all angelic regencies, can be called by people worldwide on certain days throughout the year.

How to call Guardian Angel Vasariah?

Those days are the 8th of February, 21st April, 5th July, 18th September and 29th November between 10:20 and 10:40. To call upon Vasariah effectively and safely, it’s important to perform a special prayer in combination with burning Benzoin and Myrrh incense.


How can I contact guardian angel Vasariah?

You can connect with guardian angel Vasariah through meditation and contemplative practices such as prayer and visualization techniques. Angel Vasariah can also be reached by requesting a spiritual consultation, taking part in workshops or classes, or receiving energy healing sessions from the Angel’s team of healers.

How does guardian angel Vasariah help with physical pain?

Vasariah helps restore balance within the person’s energy field using Reiki massage therapy, crystals, and other healing strategies to remove any negative energies that are causing physical or emotional pain.

Does guardian angel work with me on my spiritual journey?

Yes! Vasariah is dedicated to helping individuals on their spiritual path by providing personalized advice based on one’s individual needs.


Guardian Angel Vasariah is one of the most popular guardian angels. He is known for his generosity. If you are in need of help, or if you are looking for guidance, then you should call on Vasariah.

He will provide you with everything that you need. So what are you waiting for? Call on Vasariah today!


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