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Guardian Angel Yelahiah: Symbol Of Victory And Bravery

Are you looking for a symbol of victory and bravery to add to your home decor? Look no further than Guardian Angel Yelahiah! This inspiring figure is sure to bring an aura of courage and triumph into any space.

From its glass-like wings, vibrant golds, and glowing amethyst eyes, this angelic figure radiates captivating energy that may bring balance into times of uncertainty.

Adding the power of Guardian Angel Yelahiah given by eternal God can be a reminder—even in moments where it seems like all hope is lost—that true strength lies within each of us.

Who Is Guardian Angel Yelahiah?

Those people born between October 29 and November 2, you have a special guardian angel named Yelaiah. She is linked to the sign of Cancer and is a female angel associated with the image of divine lamb courage and victory.

Guardian Angel Yelahiah

With Yelahiah angel help, her natives are motivated to develop their dynamism and take the road of righteousness and divine justice. She wishes for us to show resilience in our actions, never cease trying, and honor truth above all else. Furthermore, she takes on roles like a protector or mentor since the characteristics of her sign point towards the need for protection and success for those involved in different matters that can change our lives.

She is a brave and multi-talented archangel sent by the everlasting God Jesus Christ to help us on our journey. She loves to travel and learn, serving as a mentor and guide in her unique way. Yelaiah’s role as guardian angel involves offering wisdom, courage, protection, healing energies, and spiritual extremism when called upon parallel worlds.

As a mediator between Heaven and Earth, she can bring assistance from the divine energy of pure love. Those seeking insight into life’s questions can call on Yelaiah for guidance— she is one of the driving forces behind growth and change!

The Characteristics Of Yelahiah Guardian Angel

Yelahiah is associated with the sign of Scorpio, and she is known to possess many common qualities in those born under this sign. She embodies a sense of compassion, loyalty, and courage—all necessary traits for achieving victory no matter what life throws at you.

The Characteristics Of Yelahiah Guardian Angel

Virtues And Powers

Intelligence – Yelahiah has incredible intelligence and can solve problems with ease.


Justice – She is the justice-seeking angel and strives to bring peace wherever it may be lacking.


Protection – She is a strong protector and will help guide those in her charge through difficult times.


Healing – Her healing powers are immense, allowing her to bring comfort and solace to those who need it most in present life.


Karma – Yelaiah can help us understand karmic energies and karmic debts
and how it affects us.



Water – Water is associated with Yelahiah and her sign, Scorpio. It symbolizes purity, healing, and the power of restoration.



Orange – The color orange is closely associated with Yelahiah and her energy. It symbolizes creativity, joy, and enthusiasm.




Fire Agate, Citrine, Jasper, Selenite, Chrysocolla, Pearl, Sardonyx


Sun and Mars – The Sun is associated with courage and victory, while Mars symbolizes agility and determination.



Michael is the archangel of protection who works with Yelahiah to bring justice and healing just causes of his military talent.


Angelic Choir



Tiferet is the sefirot associated with beauty and balance, divine justice, and mercy. It is closely linked to Yelahiah’s energy.

Why should you call Yelahiah?

Calling on the guardian angel Yelahiah is an excellent way to find strength and hope in times of violence, anger, and regret. He will help you resolve conflicts created and create lasting solutions to troubles ailing your heart or circumstances.

Why should you call Yelahiah?

You can call on him if you want to transform emotions into strength or repair relationships with others. Yelahiah’s association with karma gives him the special ability to assist people seeking redemption for past wrongs, too.

With his guidance, anyone can progress towards just causes, bettering themselves and reforming damaged relationships, leading to improved peace of mind, better communication, and more successful dealings with others.

Angel Yelahiah Provides

Guardian Angel Yelahiah is a powerful spirit guide who can provide many invaluable benefits to those seeking his aid. Here are just a few of the things he can help with:

Ability to strengthen connections and bring harmony in relationships – Yelahiah can help us to understand ourselves and others better, allowing for more meaningful connections.

Ability to strengthen connections and bring harmony in relationships

Provide guidance on how to make wise decisions that align with one’s spiritual guide – Yelaiah will provide insight into the consequences of decisions, allowing for more informed choices.

Inspiration on how to manifest abundance, prosperity, and inner peace – Yelaiah will help us to access the abundance and prosperity we desire, as well as giving us greater clarity on our spiritual journey.

Inspiration on how to manifest abundance, prosperity, and inner peace

Comfort and understanding when faced with difficulties or uncertainties in life – Yelaiah’s compassionate energy can provide solace and reassurance during difficult times.

Comfort and understanding when faced with difficulties or uncertainties in life

Instill hope and courage during times of distress and grief – Yelahiah will help us to press on when all seems lost, and find the courage we need to keep going.

What to ask angel Yelahiah?

Do you ever feel haunted by mistakes or regrets from your past? Whether it’s a broken heart, an argument with a friend or family member, or something more serious, it can be difficult to forgive yourself and move forward.

What to ask angel Yelahiah?

But what if there was another way around it? What if you could ask for help from someone else? Call on Yelaiah for guidance and relief! The guardian angel will take you on a journey through your karma, guiding you away from feeling stuck or bogged down in the past.

What makes Yelaiah even more powerful is their ability to distinguish between what is awful and what is good- so they can help free your conscience and make you believe in the future existence.

When you want to gain peace and distance yourself from the aggression of life, it can be difficult to do without guidance.

How to call Guardian Angel Yelahiah?

How do you call your guardian angel Yelahiah? Many believe that the best time to pray and communicate with Guardian Angel Yelahiah is during his regency hours, which take place at predetermined times throughout the year.

How to call Guardian Angel Yelahiah?

This heavenly rendez-vous are said to take place on the 4th of May, 18th of July, 1st of October, 12th of December and 20th February each year— from 14:20 until 14:40. To ensure your connection is as strong as possible, some suggest burning nutmeg incense before beginning your prayer.

How you choose to pray and exactly what you say is ultimately up to your own preference, but with a little patience and an open heart everyone can deepen their relationship with these divine guides.


Who is Guardian Angel Yelahiah?

Guardian Angel Yelahiah is a powerful spirit guide who can provide guidance, protection, and comfort to those seeking his assistance. He draws on the spiritual energy of the Universe in order to manifest abundance, prosperity, and inner peace within his clients’ lives.

What services does he offer?

Guardian Angel Yelahiah offers counsel on enhancing one’s well being, managing stress, and creating balance within one’s life. Additionally, this angelic guide has an exceptional capacity for understanding and providing empathy, which allows him to understand any situation his clients may be facing and help them find solutions that will enable them to move forward in life confidently and successfully.

How can I connect with him?

You can connect with Guardian Angel Yelahiah through prayer or meditation. Through these practices, you can call upon him for guidance that will lead you down the path of enlightenment.


Guardian Angel Yelahiah is the angel of hope, courage, and victory. He helps ease fears and give people the strength to overcome challenges. If you are facing a tough situation and need extra help, consider calling Yelahiah for assistance.


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