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Guardian Angel Hahaiah: For Protection And Wisdom

Are you looking for an extra layer of protection and guidance? If so, Guardian Angel Hahaiah may be the perfect companion. A celestial being, Hahaiah is said to guard people against danger and help them overcome obstacles with his wisdom.

From pushing aside negativity and helping those who seek out answers for important life choices, this divine being can act as a key source of protection and insight.

Read on to learn more about how enlisting the help of Hahaiah’s unconditional love may improve your mental well-being and lead you towards the right path!

Who Is Guardian Angel Hahaiah?

For people born between the 16th and 21st of May, your guardian angel is Hahaiah, which translates to God of Refuge. This divine being stands for protection, refuge, and wisdom.

Guardian Angel Hahaiah

This feminine angel encourages one to become more righteous by being rational, truthful, and avoiding wrongdoings.

Those who carry her influence demonstrate sagacity, confidentiality, and spirituality. Her presence brings about gentleness and kindness in their character. To gain an insight into what she has in store for you and how you can contact her, read further!

The Characteristics Of Hahaiah Guardian Angel

The Characteristics Of Hahaiah Guardian Angel

Virtues And Powers

Love – Hahaiah brings immense love into your life. This angel helps you not just find love but also to be able to give and receive it without any fear or hesitation.


Knowledge and Premonitions – Hahaiah is a source of divine knowledge and premonitions. She helps you to differentiate between right and wrong, understand the consequences of your actions, and make wise decisions for yourself in all matters.

Development – She encourages you to always strive for personal growth and development, which leads to a better understanding of yourself and your life’s purpose.


Intelligence – Hahaiah brings intelligence and logic into your life, which helps you to solve any issue or problem rationally.


Angelic Choir

When you need fortitude, direction, or support, Hahaiah’s Guardian Angel and its beloved allies – the Cherubs- have your back. These Divine Guardians of Light and Stars will assist you with making more informed decisions so you can live a life filled with harmony.


Hahaiah is connected with two Sefirots: Chochmah, signifying knowledge, and Gerubah, representing power. Chochmah bestows prudent judgment, while Gerubah gives people the tenacity they need to tackle any obstacles that arise.


Raziel is the Archangel associated with Hahaiah. He is known as the ‘the seal of secrets’ and guides who seek his help to live a better life. Raziel will provide you with clarity, insight, and divine wisdom to make informed decisions for yourself.



Earth – The element associated with Hahaiah is Earth. This element corresponds to stability, perseverance, and the power of understanding that allows one to make rational decisions.

Earth Element

Hierarchical Color



Purple and Red



Amazonite, Aventurine, green Garnet, Hematite, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Pyrite



Uranus and Mars

Why should you call Hahaiah?

With the guidance of your guardian angel Hahaiah, you can become gentler in interacting with people around you.

Why should you call Hahaiah?

She provides the strength and support needed to overcome any laziness that may prevent you from delivering at your best and tapping into your intuition. An improved personal behavior is expected as she will use her wisdom to aid your journey towards growth and success.

Angel Hahaiah Provides

An ability to question ourselves in great depth – Hahaiah brings protection and refuge and the capacity to delve into our inner selves through rigorous questioning.

An ability to question ourselves in great depth

Protection – Hahaiah brings a sense of safety and security, shielding you from the vicissitudes of life. Her divine presence reassures you that no harm will come to you, allowing you to relax and focus on achieving your goals confidently.


Peace and calm – The angel Hahaiah brings peace and serenity, like a gentle hand guiding you away from danger. Her divine presence invites harmony and tranquility into your life and encourages mindful awareness of yourself and your environment.

The power to benefit from solitude – Through the Hahaiah helps, solitude is imbued with a sense of power and potential. Her divine presence encourages appreciation for and exploration of inner realms, offering insight into self-discovery and clarity of mind. Embrace stillness; allow your inner self to be inspired by the peace in moments of seclusion.

Spirituality – With angel Hahaiah spiritual eyes, knowledge, and understanding of the supernatural are awakened. She is a source of wisdom and enlightenment, guiding you to see the greater purpose behind all things.

The meaning of dreams – Angel Hahaiah aids in interpreting the symbols, messages, and interpret dreams. Through her influence, the dreamer can understand what lies beneath their subconscious.

She encourages explorations that connect conscious and unconscious realms, allowing one to make sense of dreams enigmatic imagery to gain clarity, knowledge, and wisdom.

What to ask angel Hahaiah?

To help you look within and access peace, Angel Hahaiah offers her calming presence to guide you through difficult times. Whether you are struggling to fall asleep, attempting to understand your inner personality or striving to unlock the messages in your dreams, Hahaiah is available to provide clarity and and knowing of yourself.

Additionally, if called upon, she can help cultivate your psychic abilities so that you can listen for deeper meaning beyond the surface level. Invoking her presence allows for a life journey toward greater self-awareness, balance, and personal growth.

How to call Guardian Angel Hahaiah?

To commune with Angel Hahaiah, the days and regency hours are April 1st, June 14th, August 29th, September 9th, and January 20th between 03:40 and 04:00. Burn nutmeg incense to help invoke her presence.

How to call Guardian Angel Hahaiah?

She will be there to assist you on your journey toward inner knowledge and understanding when meditation and utter her prayer.


How can I communicate with Angel Hahaiah? 

To commune with Hahaiah, burn nutmeg incense to invoke her presence and recite her prayer to allow her to be present.

What can Angel Hahaiah help me with inner world? 

Angel Hahaiah can help you look within, understand your inner personality, unlock the messages in your dreams and cultivate your psychic abilities so that you can listen for deeper meaning beyond the surface level.

What advantages does communicating with angel Hahaiah have? 

Communicating with angel Hahaiah has the advantage of allowing you to access peace, gain clarity and achieve greater self-awareness and personal growth.

How often should I invoke Angel Hahaiah’s presence? 

You can invoke Angel Hahaiah’s presence whenever necessary however the days and regency hours mentioned above provide the best chance of communing with her.


In summary, Hahaiah is a powerful celestial being who will protect and guide anyone willing to call upon their service. Hahaiah’s characteristics are strength, courage, and wisdom, making it the perfect guardian angel in difficult times.

Furthermore, what makes this angel particularly special is its ability to penetrate through our days-to-day worries for a much more enlightened way of living. This divine entity can indeed be called upon for any protection, information, and help in discovering our life’s purpose.

To conclude our thoughts, we advise that if you need guidance and assistance on your journey don’t forget to call upon Hahaiah Guardian Angel today! All you must do is keep an open heart, seek out knowledge and receive the divine insight they have to offer.


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