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Guardian Angel Hekamiah: Of Loyalty And Friendship

Are you looking for a special kind of loyalty and friendship in your life? Then look no further than Guardian Angel Hekamiah! This loyal angel is one of the most devoted friends around and has been watching over humans since ancient times.

With his incredible powers, She can guide you through difficult periods while providing emotional and mental support. Not to mention that having him on your side gives you an instant boost of morale as well – what more could you ask for?

Keep reading this blog post to learn all about the beautiful Guardian Angel Hekamiah and why he’s such a fantastic companion!

Who Is Guardian Angel Hekamiah?

For those people born between June 6 and 10, Hekamiah is your guardian angel meaning “God builds the Universe.” This female guardian angel is linked to loyalty, friendship, and attachment. Hekamiah angel is effective in developing good relationships as well as responsibilities.

Guardian Angel Hekamiah

Indeed, Hekamiah natives develop values of honesty, and uprightness and always make sure that situations and relationships are peaceful. As a result, they make excellent leaders.

Hekamiah, meaning “God who builds the universe,” is a symbol of friendship and loyalty. She takes an interest in those with guardian angel’s influence and persuasive powers, aiding them to maintain relationships and take on responsibilities within their social and political organizations. If you are looking for guidance from this guardian angel then learn more about her.

Angel Hekamiah symbolizes loyalty and attachment, inspiring integrity and leadership in those born under her protection. Those who follow the teachings of this guardian angel regard responsibilities as opportunities to act honorably, seeing them through faithfully until the end. With such dedication and selflessness toward their commitments, these individuals become exemplary role models for others.

Natives of Hekamiah angel uphold good values such as honesty and trustworthiness. As a result, they create harmonious relationships and situations with those around them, which makes them outstanding leaders. They keep the responsibilities entrusted to them in mind when making decisions throughout their lives that ensure justice is served.

The Characteristics Of Hekamiah Guardian Angel

The Characteristics Of Hekamiah Guardian Angel

Virtues And Powers

Love – Hekamiah is a symbol of unconditional love. She encourages us to be compassionate and understanding to one another, as well as to ourselves.


Determination – This guardian angel instills in us the courage needed to take on difficult tasks or situations that are out of our control, encouraging us to stay strong and never give up.


Honesty – Hekamiah teaches us to be honest and truthful in all our dealings, inspiring us always to do the right thing.


Work – Hekamiah encourages us to take on challenging tasks and stick with them until the job is done. She helps us to stay focused, efficient and organized in our work lives.


Karma – Hekamiah is associated with karma, meaning that she can help her natives to make the right decisions. She will also bring them justice and reward them for their good deeds.


Angelic Choir

The Cherubs, guardians of light and the stars, are part of the Angelic Choir led by Communicating hoir bring will make you very loyal and who invoke it.

Angelic Choir


The sefirots are so called the ten creative powers of Kabbale. Chochmah, which means wisdom, and Yesod, which means foundation, are part of the Sefirot associated with Hekamiah. These two Sefirots help her natives develop their knowledge and find a deeper understanding in life.


Raziel is the archangel connected to Hekamiah. Raziel has an incredible knowledge of the Universe and can help his followers gain understanding in any field, from philosophy to esotericism.



Air is the element associated with Hekamiah. Air stands for freedom and creativity, so her natives should keep an open mind and stay creative to live fulfilling lives.


Hierarchical Color


Silver color


Pale Purple and Indigo



Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Aventurine, Hematite, Sapphire, Sodalite


Moon and Uranus

Why should you call Hekamiah?

Summoning Hekamiah not only encourages you to embody courage, loyalty and directness, but it will also empower your creative skillset and allow for the interpretation of dreams. She is known for bestowing fortune, success and positive energy – granting you authority befitting a king or queen!

Why should you call Hekamiah?

By interacting with your guardian angel via Hekamiah, you can foster meaningful relationships that will help to develop your reputation. Such dedication and commitment will take you down the path of enlightenment, encouraging loyalty along the way!

You will gain a reputation by developing your ability to maintain relationships through Hekamiah. Communicating with her will make you very loyal and guide you on the path toward the light. You can make decisions with outstanding clarity and insight, enabling you to be a successful leadership positions. So, if you want to call Hekamiah for help, remember that she is the angel of loyalty and friendship, and her qualities can help you become an unbeatable leader.

Hekamiah is the guardian angel of dear friend, loyalty, inspiring those born under her protection to become exemplary role models who are honest, trustworthy and devoted towards their commitments. Her presence grants them strength, stability and insight so that they can make decisions with clarity and become successful leaders.

Through Hekamiah’s celestial guidance, her natives can develop their knowledge, interpret their dreams and gain royal power in order to maintain harmonious relationships. By invoking Hekamiah’s aid and virtues, we can all become exemplary role models for those around us.

Angel Hekamiah Provides

Unraveling the mysteries of unconditional love – It is said that communicating with your guardian angel, Hekamiah, allows you to discover unconditional love. With her help and guidance, you can gain an understanding of loyalty and attachment, which will bring balance to any relationship.

Unraveling the mysteries of unconditional love

Hekamiah also grants you artistic talent’s and the ability to interpret dreams, allowing you to develop your skills in a meaningful way further. By connecting with this angel, you will be blessed with wealth, fame, and power.

Ultimately, by listening to the wisdom of Hekamiah, you will find your way towards the light of unconditional love.

An impediment contrary to treachery and betrayal – By connecting to the angel Hekamiah, you can establish a layer of protection from treachery and betrayal. This guardian angel Hekamiah guides how to remain loyal and interpret dreams.

An impediment contrary to treachery and betrayal

With her help, you will develop loyalty and artistic talents that will further strengthen your relationships. Additionally, Hekamiah grants riches, fame, and power – making it easier for you to stay true to yourself.

By embracing the advice of this guardian angel Herkamiah and following the path toward love, you can establish a barrier against betrayal or treachery.

Help to avoid jealousy and envy – The angel Hekamiah can assist those who wish to avoid envy and jealousy. Connecting with her will give you insight into dreams and artistic talents that can help you stay true to yourself.

Help to avoid jealousy and envy

Additionally, Hekamiah’s guidance is powerful in understanding loyalty and attachment, making it easier for you to trust in those around you.

A sense of obligation – Connecting with Hekamiah, your guardian angel, will foster a sense of accountability within you. With her guidance, discover how to remain devoted in all aspects of life and explore interpretive dream analysis as well as unlocking any artistic gifts that may reside within. By connecting with the divine energy she carries – gain an understanding of yourself and those around you which can only lead to greater trust and compassion for others.

A sense of obligation

Furthermore, Hekamiah provides the power to establish riches and fame – making it easier for you to remain true to yourself. With her guidance, your journey toward love will be easier, ultimately helping you feel responsible for yourself and others.

Frankness – The angel Hekamiah can help you to attain frankness. By connecting with her, you will be blessed with greater insight into how to interpret dreams and trust in those around you.


She also helps to provide a strong sense of loyalty and attachment, making it easy for you to remain true to yourself. Ultimately, following her guidance in this area will lead towards true love – resulting in frankness amongst all relationships.

What to ask Guardian Angel Hekamiah?

If you wish to become a champion for a special cause, Hekamiah will lead the way towards attaining loyalty and finding peace in your actions. To be honest and properly uphold all of your promises, your guardian angel will be there to stand by you. When it comes to vanquishing jealousy, she will grant you the gift of generosity and sincerity in your words – without any hidden intentions.

What to ask Guardian Angel Hekamiah?

On an emotional level, if you need to move past deceitful practices such as adultery or fibs, call upon the strength of guardian angel Hekamiah to enhance relationships and bring in real love. With her assistance on this journey towards unconditional acceptance comes greater responsibility for oneself and others – creating more trust between everyone involved.

Ultimately, this is what leads to frankness in all relationships – allowing new hopes and dreams to blossom while developing understanding within yourself and others.

How to call Guardian Angel Hekamiah?

To establish a connection with the angel Hekamiah, Hekamiah’s days recite her prayer between 05:00-05:20 on January 24th, April 5th, June 19th, September 2nd, and November 13th. To enhance your experience further, burn myrrh incense when doing so.

How to call Guardian Angel Hekamiah?


Who is Hekamiah?

Hekamiah is a powerful angel who provides guidance and assistance to individuals seeking to follow their moral convictions. She helps people become ambassadors for causes they believe in and gain loyalty from the actions they take.

How can she help improve relationships?

Hekamiah can help individuals move away from jealousy and adultery and strengthen their relationships through honesty and sincerity. She encourages generosity without ulterior motives and takes responsibility for herself and others, leading to understanding among all involved.

What are some other ways she can be called upon?

In addition to improving relationships, contact Hekamiah can also assist in gaining loyalty while following moral convictions and moving away from lies and deceitful practices such as adultery.

What qualities does one need to invoke her help?

To receive aid from Hekamiah, an individual typically needs qualities such as honesty, uprightness, loyalty, generosity, sincerity, trustworthiness, and understanding of oneself and others.

How will one benefit from her guidance?

Invoking the strength of Hekamiah will lead to greater trust between everyone involved in the individual’s life – allowing new hopes and dreams to flourish alongside greater understanding within oneself and others.


In conclusion, Guardian Angel Hekamiah embodies loyalty and friendship. His compassion and protection of those who work with him is undeniable. He’s been able to provide guidance and assistance to legions of people over the years with his vast array of talent and knowledge.

Both his wit and charm make him a great servant of divine powers as well as an approachable being. So why not take a chance on calling Hekamiah in order to experience the infinite power of friendship and loyalty embodied by Guardian Angel Hekamiah?

With no risk involved, you have nothing to lose but so much more understanding, acceptance, peace, protection, clarity, and security to win! All you have to do is call Hekamiah for your divine connection and blessing now – so don’t wait any longer; this is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


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