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Guardian Angel Poyel: Symbol Of Power And Knowledge

Are you ready to empower yourself with knowledge and strength? If so, the Guardian Angel Poyel is an item of power you must consider. This powerful amulet has been a symbol of hope for many generations, as its bearer is believed to gain protection from angelic forces and access to divine wisdom.

It’s said that those who wear the poyel can experience supernatural abilities like enhanced intuition, improved decision-making skills, and even heightened spiritual awareness. Learn more about this fantastic trinket below – including its history, how it should be used correctly, and some of its rumored benefits!

Who Is Guardian Angel Poyel?

People born between December 27th to 31st, natives under the star sign of Capricorn, can benefit from all this mighty male angel has to offer. With prowess in knowledge and powers actively express, Poyel helps natives develop humility, avoid speech problems, and conquer unknown challenges. Dwelling over these vast traits, it is no surprise to see why he is known as the angel of rich whilst leading simple as well as modest lives – a spirit who grants his believers with newfound joy with each difficult task they take on.

Guardian Angel Poyel

What is Poyel exactly means? the meaning of Poyel is ” God who sustains everything” This leads us to the question of how could we understand him further? How could someone summon him or get closer to him? Although even centuries later many will still be trying to get to know who this particular angel was and all that he was about.

Guardian Angel symbolizing power, found among the 72 angels in Judeo-Christian culture, is a role model for those seeking material wealth and spiritual humility. His name can be translated to mean “God Who Supports the Universe” and he grants his followers the blessing of ongoing success by providing them with guidance and protection as they carry out their work.

Though his support offers many worldly benefits such as financial stability and aid in completing projects, Poyel also encourages pursuers of a greater good to live modestly and generously. This reminder that self-reflection and charity are essential components of a worthy life, simple and modest lives, should not be overlooked in light of other gifts. He is an angel of tremendous power who aids one in material possession and spiritual contentment.

The Characteristics Of Poyel Guardian Angel

Lord Poyel is known to be a great angel of knowledge. He is incredibly powerful and those who summon him are said to experience a newfound strength. Poyel is also known for his ability to protect those around him from harm, both physically and spiritually. It’s said that he can even provide guidance in times of trouble or uncertainty.

The Characteristics Of Poyel Guardian Angel

Virtues And Powers

Love – Poyel is a great angel of love and compassion; his presence in your life can bring forth more tenderness, joy, and understanding.


Money – Poyel is also known as the angel of wealth and riches; he can help you achieve financial security and abundance.


Intelligence – Poyel is a great source of knowledge and wisdom, and he can help you to gain new insights into life and understand more complex concepts.


Protection – Poyel is also believed to be able to protect you from harm or danger, both physical and spiritual.


Health and Healing – Poyel can also aid you in physical healing, and he is said to be able to restore those who are sick or injured back to health.

Health and Healing

Angelic Choir

Poyel is believed to be a member of the healing angelic choir known as the Principalities. The Principalities offer guidance, protection, and wisdom to those in need.


Netzach is the sefirot associated with Poyel. Netzach is believed to be a source of inner strength and power, enabling us to overcome obstacles in life and manifest our desires. Sefirots are ten creative powers of Kabbale.


Haniel is the archangel associated with Poyel. Haniel is a great source of joy and guidance, allowing us to open our hearts to love and abundance.



Earth is the element associated with Poyel. Earth is a grounding force that can provide us with stability and security in times of change or upheaval.


Hierarchical Color






Sapphire, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, Green and Blue Fluorite, Opal, Peridot


Venus and Moon – Poyel is associated with both Venus and the Moon, which are said to be great sources of love, beauty, and abundance.


Why should you call Poyel?

Summoning Poyel could provide you a shield to block any feelings of vanity that may come your way. He works diligently to protect not only from inferiority, but also from superiority, so that abundance can fill all parts in your life.

Why should you call Poyel?

Not only what does he are for physical wellness and protection from illness, he also provides you an opportunity to free yourself from worry should you have difficulties speaking eloquently or with verbal finesse – leaving the fear of judgment null and void!

If morale is low, or if you wish to have peace-of-mind, calling upon Poyel could prove to be highly beneficial in restoring happiness and security into your heart.

Angel Poyel Provides

Guardian angel Poyel is said to provide many worldly benefits such as financial stability and aid in completing projects. He is also known for his ability to protect those around him from physical and spiritual harm. Furthermore, Poyel provides you with the power to:

Abundance in all sectors of your life – Poyel can help you to reach financial abundance, emotional balance, and spiritual growth.

Abundance in all sectors of your life

Humility and modesty – Poyel can help you to stay humble and modest in all areas of your life.

Humility and modesty

Joy for people who are sad or in a bad mood – Poyel can provide a sense of happy and contentment to those feeling down or false joy to turn it to good mood.

Joy for people who are sad or in a bad mood

Knowledge and power – Poyel can help you gain wisdom and knowledge and unlock hidden powers that may be holding you back from achieving your goals.

Knowledge and power

Protection from harm – Poyel protects you from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual harm. He is said to provide a shield of protection around those who call upon him.

What to ask angel Poyel?

What can you do when you get the feeling of loneliness, insecurity and restlessness? What if you want to free yourself from negativity and bring more positivity in your life? Asking your guardian angel Poyel is the answer.

What to ask angel Poyel?

Let him grant you generosity, kindness, humility and modesty to live openly without artifice. He will help you overcome the shyness that keeps you from fully embracing your life.

Moreover, he is a source of invigoration when it seems all hope is lost by providing keys for optimism. If you felt abandoned but were unaware of your guardian angel, call on Poyel to dissolve any fear and anxiety— the peace will be attainable soon enough.

How to call Guardian Poyel?

Calling or summon Poyel is easy all you need to do is wait for the specific days and regency hours that spanned across certain months of the year. The dates are March 4, May 16, July 31, October 13 and December 24 and the hours are between 18:20 and 18:40.

How to call Guardian Poyel?

After finding the right time slot, prepare your prayer using sandalwood and myrrh incense. Take a deep breath, keeping your head down in reverence and close your eyes as you speak out loud in prayer for Guardian Poyel to come to you.


What is the role of guardian angel Poyel?

Guardian angel Poyel acts as a spiritual guide who provides guidance and protection to those seeking assistance. And also Poyel show perseverance and achieve abundance.

How does the presence of guardian angel Poyel help us?

The presence of guardian angel Poyel helps us by offering insight into our life’s purpose, providing courage and strength to face any obstacles, and offering divine protection against anything that may cause harm.

How can I contact my guardian angel named Poyel?

To contact your guardian angel named Poyel, you need to open yourself up to the spiritual realm through prayer, quiet contemplation or meditation. Once you feel that connection, you can speak directly to your guardian angel through thought or in your own words.

How can I recognize when my guardian angel is near me?

When your guardian angel is near you, certain signs may indicate their presence such as feeling an intense sense of peace or pure joy, witnessing flashes of light or colors out of the corner of your eye, experiencing waves of warmth when you meditate, and finding feathers appearing unexpectedly in strange places.

What kind of support does Guardian Angel Poyel provide?

Guardian Angel Poyel provides spiritual support such as divine protection from any harm or negative influence, guidance on how best to use one’s talents and gifts in life’s journey, comfort and encouragement whenever needed, and strength in times of hardship so we can stay focused on our goals without getting discouraged by life’s obstacles


Getting to know who your Guardian Angel is can be very enlightening. Poyel is a great example of a powerful and knowledgeable angel that can help guide you through tough times. If you are ever feeling lost or in need of guidance, remember to call on Poyel for help to be in good mood.


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